B.C. Lions’ coach, former CFL linebacker Travis Brown diagnosed with COVID-19, lands in hospital

Current B.C. Lions linebackers coach and former CFL linebacker Travis Brown has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

His mother Mindy Brown posted the news on Facebook:

Take a look at this big, strong, healthy, young man. He is my son, Travis Brown. He is also the 4th confirmed case of COVID19 in Fresno County.

On March 14th, Travis’ condition was so scary that he was taken by ambulance to Clovis Community Hospital, which is staged and ready to combat the virus.
Travis was released from the ER later that day and told to self-quarantine until they received his test results. He had already strictly isolated himself though, because his sickness felt different than any flu or cold he’d ever experienced.

It has been over a week people, and we still have our fingers ready to hit the 911 button because this thing is a MONSTER! I knew we were screwed when Travis wouldn’t even step outside to get our care packages until we were tucked safely in our vehicles driving away.

Travis and I felt it was our duty to share this information with you because many of you are not taking this seriously. I told him I was so angry because I drove past Target yesterday and entire families were walking in as though it was a normal day!!! Lowe’s parking lot was full of women with kids loading flowers in their car!

WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER AT THIS! You could be carrying this virus and not even know it.

You need to comprehend there is nothing that can be done for you if you get this! IF you are lucky enough to get a hospital bed, it doesn’t mean there’ll be a ventilator for you, which is why we need to FLATTEN THE CURVE!

In closing I want to reiterate that this virus has brought my big, strong, young and healthy son to his knees. Which is where we all need to be… praying for not only God’s mercy, but for wisdom, strength and self-discipline to fight this.

Brown’s coaching career began at his alma mater of Fresno State University as defensive quality control and linebackers coach following two seasons as a player with the Ottawa RedBlacks. From 2014-2015 Brown recorded 56 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and one forced fumble over 17 games in the nation’s capital.

Prior to being hired by B.C. head coach Rick Campbell, Brown spent two years as the Edmonton Eskimos’ linebackers coach. The Lions reported a case of COVID-19 within the football operations staff late Friday night on the west coast.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie cancelled the CFL combines during the ongoing COVID-19 situation and is planning for contingencies. CFL training camps are currently scheduled to open May 17 with regular season kick-off set for June 11.

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