Bears playing Chiefs in Germany not done deal, per Peter King

Last week, a German newspaper had Bears fans looking up tickets to Europe after they reported the Bears would play the Chiefs in Frankfurt this fall as part of the league’s international series. But on Monday, NBC Sports’ Peter King said he’s been told there’s some doubt about that report.

“When a team gives up one of its home games to play overseas, it has the option of requesting to the league one home game on its schedule the team does not want moved,” King wrote in his “Football Morning in America” column. “I’m told Kansas City requested that the Chicago game not be played overseas.”

It makes sense that the Chiefs would want to host the Bears at Arrowhead this year. Bears fans are known to travel well across the country. When they travel to opposing cities, they of course bring their dollars with them, and Kansas City may not want to lose out on that revenue.

King also says the Chiefs may not be worried about protecting a more marquee matchup against a team like the Bills or Bengals, simply because they don’t believe the league would want as many eyeballs on those games as possible. NFL games in Germany kick off at 8:30 a.m. in Kansas City, which is the opposite of a primetime slot.

German newspaper BILD reported last week that the NFL had already tabbed the Bears and Chiefs to play in Frankfurt on either Nov. 12 or Nov. 19. The NFL began its International Series in 2007 with the Giants and Dolphins facing off in London. The Bears have played overseas twice, and both games were in London. The first time was a 24-18 victory over the Buccaneers in 2011. Then in 2019, they lost to the Raiders 24-21.

The full NFL schedule is expected to be released this Thursday.

King: Bears playing Chiefs in Germany not done deal originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago