Belgian FAFL: Limburg Shotguns Top Antwerp Diamonds

In Belgian Flemish league action this past weekend, the Limburg Shotguns handed the Antwerp Diamonds their second loss of the young season with a 21-9 victory in Limburg. This was the first game of the season for the Shotguns and leaves them in second place in the early standings. After last week’s close loss against the Ostend Pirates, the Antwerp Diamonds had been looking for their first win in almost two years in league play.

The last time these teams met were when the Diamonds beat the Shotguns in an off season event – the Diamond Bowl – on October 25.

With two interceptions by Charles Roundtree, two touchdowns by Calico Griffiths (one rushing, one on a punt return) and a quarterback sneak by Rob Hermans, the Shotguns cashed in on all three phases of the game.

Match Recap

After winning the toss, the Diamonds elected to defer. After the deferral the Shotguns elected to kick, thus giving the Diamonds the option to receive the ball in both the first half and the second half. After this rather strange decision the first quarter was over quickly. After just 18 minutes, a three and out and a sack by Diamonds outside linebacker Sergio Borra the quarter expired on a bomb shell. An unnecessary roughness call (late hit) on a fumble recovery turned a fourth and goal from the fifteen to a first and goal for the Shotguns.

10409188_10152809935594825_8337991746610502387_nStarting the second quarter, the Shotguns, set up by that unnecessary roughness call, opened the scoring with a quarterback sneak by Rob Hermans. The ensuing drive of the Diamonds stalled after an intentional grounding penalty on quarterback Cody Butler. The following punt was received by the Shotguns’ Calico Griffiths who proceeded to go 60 yards to the house! After this demoralizing touchdown the Diamonds rallied the troops and fought back. After a 14-yard inside run by Pieter Wauters and a beautiful connection between quarterback Butler and rookie wide receiver Cedric Bellemans, Diamonds kicker Michael Vervaet put the first points for Antwerp on the scoreboard.

Later in the second quarter the Diamonds pulled ahead on a 30-yard touchdown pass from Butler to tight end Arthur Kovalenko.

Shotguns’ Defense Reloads

10994064_10152809936054825_6541795637859956693_nThe Diamonds received the ball in the second half and after an impressive long third down conversion to wide receiver Jens Sinnaeve, the tables turned on the Diamonds. On the next pass, Shotgun cornerback Charles Roundtree intercepted a deep ball from Butler. The Diamonds got the ball right back though when linebacker Tim van Mol made a big stop on third down.

After trading fumbled field goal attempts, the Diamonds began to put a drive together aided by a long run by Bulter. However, the Roundtree stepped in front of another pass for his second pick of the day.

This second interception set up, after some great runs from Leslie Jans, the second touchdown of the day for Calico Griffiths who finished off the Diamonds with an outside run.


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Luther Rommens is a young American Football player from Antwerp, Belgium and a regular contributor to AFI.