Belo Horizonte GET Eagles top Botafogo Challengers & win the II Copa America de Fútbol Americano

On Saturday night, the Belo Horizonte Get Eagles beat Botafogo Challengers by 13-0, in a match valid for final of the II Copa America de Fútbol Americano held in Huixquilucan, Mexico. With the result, the Eagles conquer the title in Latin America by the Unión Internacional para el Desarrollo del Fútbol Americano en Latinoamerica (Uidfal).

The match between the Brazilians, which was to be a semi-final, became the end of the season, since the other two Mexican teams that would make the match of another semi-final were eliminated for indiscipline – the two teams fought in the field and were excluded of the competition.

To reach the semifinal (or the final), the Eagles lost on his debut for the Mexicans of Leones de la Anahuac for 26-14 defeated Romania’s Cluj Crusaders by 6-0 and won the Columbian Titanes de Cali by 34 to 0. Already the Challengers defeated the Mexican Heróico Cuerpo de Bomberos Arena by 12-8, the Peru National Team by 9-7 and Columbians of Yaks FC by 20-6.

In the duel between Eagles and Challengers, the quarterback #9 Álvaro ran 18yd to reach the end zone and note the touchdown in the first quarter. The kicker # 31 Gustavo hit the PAT. With balanced clash, the Eagles finished the first half ahead 7-0.

After the halftime break, the running back # 14 Igor Mota found a space in the defense of Challengers and ran 15yd to exceed the goal line and declare the victory of the roster of Belo Horizonte and the first title of the young team. Final 13-0.

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