Ben Kelly suffered a horrific injury during a game with the Sussex Thunder and needs your help!

Ben Kelly has been a key member of Sussex Thunder for nearly a decade but on July 16, he broke his leg playing wide receiver at an away game against the East Kent Mavericks. The injury was severe resulting in a Fibula fracture, and a Tibula spiral fracture. While awaiting surgery, Ben then suffered an embolism from the bone marrow travelling to his brain as a result of the fractures.

He had successful surgery the following week and is now on the long road to recovery. The doctors estimate it will be six months until his leg can bear any weight and up to a year before he can walk again.

Ben has a wife and four young children and will not be able to work during this time so a Go Fund Me page has been set up and the club is asking for donations to help support Ben and his family.
According to the Thunder, Ben has been a key member of the team who always supports his teammates. Unfortunately, the injury has brought his playing career to an end, but the club is hopeful he will move into coaching and management.
“Ben has been a large part of the team through good times and challenging times. He’s a great teammate: he never gives up, picks up those around him, and carries himself with confidence which rubs off on his peers. On the field, he is consistent, talented, and competitive – all the traits you wish for in a receiver.
Despite the severity of the injury, Ben’s love for the game hasn’t diminished. Although his playing career has come to an early end, he has expressed interest in moving into coaching and management. With Ben’s deep knowledge of the game, he will continue to be a great asset to the team.”
Anyone wishing to help Ben and his family can do so through a donation on the Go Fund Me page.

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