Best Games for Die Hard Football Fans

If you love American Football and you also like gaming, the good news is both of your hobbies collide like a ferocious tackle to produce some outstanding football games. You can get American football video games, desktop games, handheld app games or even American Football casino games. We’ve played them on your behalf, so you know which ones to avoid and which ones to check out. Here is our shortlist of the best games for die hard American Football fans.

#1: Madden NFL (Mobile Game)

Getting an app to play a full game of football is some complex and intricate development. With so many players and fast action, these app games go beyond the levels we expect from playing games on the move. But it has been made possible in the Madden NFL mobile game. There are lots of different modes within the game, including a career mode. Another benefit is that the in-game purchases (also known as microtransactions) are relatively cheap compared to other app games. They start at just under $5.

#2: American Football Slot

The American Football slot game is one of the most exciting slot game son the market right now. It was developed by Greentube using a football field background and typical football symbols. Within the symbols are scatters and bonuses to keep you entertained and improving your chances of winning. If you manage to secure five scatter symbols, you will be awarded a whopping 20 free spins. It is only a matter of time before gamblers will be able to find this and other excellent Football slot games at popular casinos that dominate the North American market. Stay tuned!

#3: Madden NFL

Just like the mobile world, Madden dominates the other niches of gaming, including PC gaming and video console gaming. This is because Madden has become synonymous with sports gaming in the USA and Canada. It’s access to team naming rights, stadiums and the stellar reputation that EA Sports already has is a recipe for continued success – and that’s exactly what this game provides gaming sports fans.

#4: Axis Football

Want something that isn’t Madden? Axis Football is arguably the biggest competitor to Madden NFL. The visuals and gaming quality is not up to the lofty standards of Madden, but it is still an entertaining a fantastic American Football game. One of the notable features is that you can take control of the players, or if you prefer to be the tactical genius, you can wear the suit of the coach.

#5: Funcom Mutant Year Zero

If you like your football matches with some robots and mutants instead of athletes, this game puts a unique spin on a popular gaming genre. You can battle it out in football matches with OTT play that is certainly against the rules most of the time. Try it now for a new take of Football gaming!

Did you know that Japan is a gaming mecca and locals are watching American football more than ever! That could spell more great games of this kind in the near future!

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