What is the best play in football?

At one of our preseason staff meetings the other day, we were talking about a few of our offensive schemes, and after mentioning one play in particular, one of the other assistant coaches mentioned how it is “the best play in football”.

That simple statement resonated with me and I started to reflect on all the plays calls and schemes I’ve learned coaching and playing over the years.

Like many coaches out there, I’ve had the opportunity to coach in a number of different offensive schemes from the flexbone triple option, to spread no huddle, to the full house Wing-T and the Delaware Wing-T. Of course I have my own opinion and biases, and everyone reading this will have their own, but the question should drive some interesting conversations and sharing of ideas and plays.

So, offensive and defensive coaches out there, what do you consider to be “the best play in football?” Here are a few clips and suggestions to get the conversation started.

The Fullback Trap

Whether we’re talking from the Wing-T or the I-Formation, there’s something special about seeing a fullback trap hit big and to witness a guy who is normally opening up holes for the other backs, to be rumbling in the open field after slipping inside that trap block and riding the wall of blockers to bounce it outside.

Inside Zone

Another play that is near and dear to me is the inside zone, and few things are more beautiful than seeing the entire offensive line work in symphony one direction on combo blocks to flowing linebackers, and having the running back make the right decision to keep in playside, or hit that cutback that sends him to the open field against a safety. Another thing that makes the inside zone play so great is the versatility of it (RPOs, zone read, zone slice, etc.)

The Triple Option

The often undersized offensive line firing off the ball, the perfect mesh of the quarterback and fullback, the pitch relationship of the running back, and the right decision by a the quarterback to give or pull and run or pitch make this play art-in-motion when ran right. (I think many coaches would argue that mid-line also deserves mention as well).

Four Verts

The perfect spacing of four wide receivers using the entire width of the field, and the quarterback controlling the coverage with his eyes to make a completion. Whether it’s for a 70-yard gain, or just hitting an open guy between the linebackers and safeties, Four Verts can be a true thing of beauty. Air Raid guys love this one.

The Jet Sweep

Under center, or from the gun, the timing and perimeter blocking that spring a jet sweep for six put the Jet Sweep in contention.


The classic play-action Wing-T pass play that includes a pulling guard getting to the edge to protect the quarterback and a short, intermediate and deep route in the pass game away from the flow of play action is a staple of many so many high school offenses.


A true classic, Iso is a great play (especially to the weak side in an even front), featuring a hard-nosed lead blocker through the hole on a linebacker, and using angles and leverage on the offense line. When linebackers meet that fullback / lead blocker in the hole, and the ball carrier still manages to squeak through for a big gain, it’s something that still gives the old-school smash-mouth coaches chills.

Power O

A double team at the point of attack, a kick out block on the C Gap defender, and a guard pulling with square shoulders targeting the first linebacker in the box. The hole often isn’t huge, but a little crease is all a good running back needs to bust one big, and when it does….oh boy!


With the game in hand, and just needing to run out the clock, getting in a double tight end set, with two personal protectors for the QB behind the guards and a super-deep back just in case something goes wrong…this may have a legit claim as the best play in football, especially after a hard-fought battle

Few other plays worthy of consideration; stretch/outside zone, power and power read, toss sweep, buck sweep.

There are so many other great plays out there that also deserve to be mentioned. Let me know what you consider the best play in football via Twitter @CoachSamz or email [email protected].

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Doug has been the content manager for Football Scoop since 2011. A former college player and small college coach, Doug now serves as assistant head coach / offensive coordinator at West Ottawa HS (MI).