Best Ways to Bet on the NFL

The summer is not very eventful in terms of American Football and fans of American Football usually engage in other activities until September when the long awaited NFL season commences. American Football can be so exciting and you would probably want something that is at least equally fun. Well, let us tell you that can have a lot of fun during the non-NFL period without even having to leave your home. Namely, playing online casino games even for smaller amounts of money has proved to be very exciting. We suggest you check NetBet Sport.


Super Bowl 50

Some people may think that the Broncos winning the 2016 Super Bowl was a surprising result, it surely can’t be said that they didn’t deserve it. Broncos surely weren’t considered favorites, yet they managed to show everybody just how important defense is. With more than few until the beginning of the next season and then several more until the next Super Bowl, a lot of people would seem to think that it is impossible to know what is going to happen on Super Bowl 51. And while it is true that you can’t know what is about to happen, you can still try to predict some of the events concerning the 2017 Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The Odds Favor the Patriots

The odds have been published right after the 50th Super Bowl. Hardly surprising there are several teams that are considered to be among the top contenders for the 2017 season and the 51st Super Bowl. In February, when the odds were initially published, 4 teams were considered to be almost evenly matched – the Patriots, the Seahawks, the Packers and the Steelers. As time passed by though, bookmakers seemed to favor the Patriots more and now the odds for the Patriots winning the 2017 Super Bowl are around +600 and +800 at most. So, wagering $100 on the Patriots can make a handy profit of $600-$800, provided of course that they win.

It is still too early to tell and even though the Patriots are the favorite, the odds aren’t too low yet. These bets are not called futures without a reason. The Seahawks and the Packers are right there with +1000 odds, followed by the Steelers and the Panthers with +1200. The odds for the current champions are +1600, same as for the Cardinals. The odds have been changing almost on a daily basis since February and they’ll almost certainly keep on changing.


Bet Wisely

Remember that you can always wager on 2, or even more teams if you feel certain that some of them will end up winning the 2017 Super Bowl. With the lowest odds for the Patriots at +600, you can still make a profit if you place few $100 bets. Perhaps you could wager $100 or $50 each on 2 or 3 of the top favorites like the Patriots, the Packers and the Steelers and place one or two smaller bets on few of the underdogs that may build a strong team for the following season, a team that might challenge the Super Bowl. For example, the current odds for the Ravens are +3300. True, they compete in a very difficult division, but if they do win their division, then they might stand a chance for the Super Bowl. Don’t forget that with odds at +3300, a bet of $25 would yield $825 worth of profit.

Other Possible Bets

You can also bet on which team from the NFC and/or the AFC will manage to qualify for the Super Bowl, as well as on the total, which is set at 48.5. Understandably, the Patriots and the Steelers are favorites to win the AFC, whereas the Seahawks and the Packers have most chances of winning the NFC.

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