Betting on American Football (NFL)

American Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the biggest annual sporting events of the year. Because it is growing enormously in popularity here, betting on American Football is also becoming increasingly interesting at non GamStop casinos.

You can read here exactly how to do this and what you should pay attention to when betting on American Football.

About American Football

American Football may be growing in popularity, but the sport is still difficult for many to understand. That is why it is useful to first explain the basics to you. American Football is a contact sport with a ball that is shaped like a rugby ball, but slightly narrower. The field is 110 meters long and 49 meters wide. Teams consist of no less than 46 players, although only eleven are allowed on the field per team. A match lasts four times fifteen minutes, although in reality this is much longer. The clock is stopped during substitutions, timeouts or referee investigations.

There is no maximum number of substitutions during a match. Just like in hockey and water polo, you can alternate. This is strategically useful, because you then maintain your tactics to win as best as possible. The field is divided into areas called zones. The goal post, which consists of a split of two posts at a height of 5.6 meters, is located in the end zone.

To win a game, you must score points by getting the ball to the opponent’s end zone. The offensive team throws the ball to the wide receivers through the quarterback, gaining ground when they catch the ball. Yards can also be gained by running with the ball, often through the running backs. When a player with the ball enters the end zone, there is a touchdown. If the ball is kicked between the goalposts by the kicker, it is a field goal.

Ways to score points
Point after Touchdown 1 or 2
Safety 2
FieldGoal 3
touchdown 6

National Football League (NFL)

The name of the national American football league in the United States is the NFL. 32 clubs participate in this, which the NFL splits into two conferences. These are the American Football Conference (the AFC) and the National Football Conference (the NFC). It does not stop there, because within these conferences there are again four subdivisions.

A season in the NFL runs from September through December. Then playoffs will determine which two teams will be crowned conference champions and head-to-head for the coveted Super Bowl. This way you have four months to bet on American Football.

The Super Bowl

The six best teams per conference compete for a place in the next round. The decisive final determines who becomes champion. This happens during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is in early February, but it’s all about the spectacle that surrounds it. Think, for example, of the countless (and very expensive) commercials and the famous halftime show. During the rest, the greats of the earth will perform. These have been Beyoncé, Prince, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and The Rolling Stones in the past. In 2022, the halftime show was provided by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

The Super Bowl with the Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the biggest sporting events of the year

Betting on American Football

The NFL therefore has a large number of games to bet on. American Football is therefore a sport in which you can bet money in all kinds of ways as an enthusiast. There are many non GamStop bookmakers on where you can bet on American Football, including SlotoNauts Casino, Winner Casino, Spicy Jackpots Casino, Winstler Casino, and Midnight Wins.

What can you bet on?

When you are going to bet on American Football, this is mainly possible at SlotoNauts on games of the NFL. This applies to the regular season as well as the playoffs and the Super Bowl final. The outcomes of matches are more difficult to predict than with football. The risk is therefore greater, but so is the payout in case of profit. In addition to betting on matches, you can also predict who will be the winner of a conference, which conference the Super Bowl winner will be from and how many regular season wins a team will have.

Bet on American Football at Non GamStop Casinos

Login to your account

Go to any of the non GamStop casinos and click on the blue button marked ‘Log In’ at the top right of the site. Don’t have an account yet? Then click on the sign-up tab ‘Become a member’.

Go American Football

On the left side of the website you will see a number of menus with all kinds of categories for betting options. Under ‘Popular’ you will find ‘Sports’. Find the option ‘American Football’ and click on it.

Find the match and bet you want to place

If you look at all betting options, you will see that betting on American Football in the NFL and NFAA are the only options. Select the match you want to bet on and which option you choose. In American Football you immediately see three options appear – in contrast to football. These are Match, Handicap and Total Points. If you just want to choose the winner, go for Match and choose the team you think will win.

Specify your bet amount

If you click on a bet, that option will turn white and an overview of all bets you have selected will appear at the bottom.

Under the “Determine bet” box, enter the amount you want to bet. How much you can win will be shown at the bottom of the “Place” button.

Confirm your bet

When you are sure of your prediction, click on the green button with the text ‘PLACE’.

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