Blessed with a second chance

My name is Paul Morant and I started playing football around the age of 6 or 7. Football is a game that I’ve always watched and loved. My family has never been a family of riches, but sports was one thing that always brought us close.

Growing up as the youngest of seven siblings, you get to see a lot. Five girls, my brother and me. Football, and sports in general, was apart of my family and everyone of us competed in some type of sport growing up. My passion for football started through watching my brother play through high school and college. I wanted to be as good, or even better than my brother when I got older and that’s when my football journey began.

Blessed With A Second Chance - Paul Morant Blessed With A Second Chance – Paul Morant

One thing I don’t talk about much to people was this life changing event when I was in 5th grade (age 10). I suffered a massive concussion outside the game of football. I was at an event for my mother, I was outside and fell off a curb, hitting my head on the concrete. I went unconscious. When I woke up, I was home on my couch but I saw the hospital bands on my wrist. I have always wanted to ask, “how long was I unconscious?” But I also didn’t want to know. My mom didn’t want me to play football for some time after because well she is a caring and loving mother that didn’t want me to injure myself. But I begged and bdgged and she finally let me.

That event changed my life, but I didn’t realize it until I got into high school where I was understanding things more and doing more. As I got older, it gave me a different views on life. More and more so as I got older.

Blessed With A Second Chance – Paul Morant

High school went well for me. I played three years at Phoebus High School (2007-2009), earning 2 State Championships and a D1 full scholarship to play Safety at Old Dominion University(2010-2014). Going into college, I had a plan to start and play as a true freshman. I made that happen. Freshman year was full of ups and downs. One thing that brought me into reality was when I was near academic probation and was close to missing my sophomore season. I fixed my mindset and pulled my grades up and got back on the field for my sophomore season, not seeing another slump in my grades.

My senior season was a disappointing one, the school changed the coaching staff and bought in my third Defensive Coordinator and third DB coach. The new coach made a lot of changes, which involved me playing out of my natural position (Safety to LB), but I gave continuous effort to get my starting position back. I had to learn to always be ready for the opportunity, so you don’t have to get ready. I was always prepared. I took advantage of the opportunities that were given. After my last collegiate game, I vowed to be a professional football player. I am currently doing that now, but I am still striving for the big goal which is the NFL.

Blessed With A Second Chance – Paul Morant

God gave me a second chance at life, second chances aren’t guaranteed, and I’ve been going at it nonstop to spread love, passion, excitement, and happiness to the world through this game of football.

I want to thank all the organizations I have been apart of and have allowed me to showcase my talent. A special thank you goes to Argeo Tisma and the Bolzano Giants (Italy) family for giving me that very first opportunity and experience outside of the US to continue playing this game that I love so much and have such a deep passion for.

Blessed With A Second Chance - Paul Morant Blessed With A Second Chance – Paul Morant

Set goals within yourself, have faith and go after them! Only you can stop yourself! God gives tough roads and obstacles to the strong.


Paul Morant

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