BNL: Amsterdam Crusaders remain at top of rankings after dominant performances

The BNL league wound up its second full weekend of action and the tendencies are becoming clear.

The Amsterdam Crusaders are right now playing in a league of their own after manhandling two teams who had been expected to be in the hunt for the title this year, the Brussels Black Angels and Rotterdam Trojans. The Black Angels rebounded from their embarrassing loss to Amsterdam by blanking the Brussels Tigers. The Limburg Shotguns also bounced back from a dismal loss by trouncing the Kasteel Nitros.

1. Amsterdam Crusaders (2-0)

The Amsterdam Crusaders top the rankings after overwhelming the Brussels Black Angels 35-0 to open the season and then the Rotterdam Trojans 46-0 this past weekend.

2. Brussels Black Angels (1-1)

The Black Angels, finalists in 2023, came back from their loss to Amsterdam by taking it out on crosstown rivals, the Brussels Tigers, whipping them 42-0.

3. Limburg Shotguns (1-1)

Limburg opened the season with a shocking 41-7 loss to the Rotterdam Trojans but regained some measure of respect by handing the Kasteel Nitros a 48-6 defeat.

4. Rotterdam Trojans (1-1)

Rotterdam opened the season impressively, beating the Shotguns 41-7 but then lost their starting quarterback to a knee injury and were shut out by the Crusaders 46-0.

5. Brussels Tigers (1-1)

The Brussels Tigers downed the Nitros 20-6 to start the season but then were trounced by the Black Angels 42-0.

6. Kasteel Nitros (0-2)

Kasteel were hoping for a better start to the 2024 season but two straight losses, 20-6 to the Tigers and 48-6 to the Shotguns leave them in the cellar of the BNL.

Upcoming games

The BNL league resumes March 30 with three games as the Brussels Tigers will host the Rotterdam Trojans, the Limburg Shotguns will pay a visit to the Amsterdam Crusaders and the Brussels Black Angels will travel to Izegem, Belgium to face the Kasteel Nitros.

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

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