BNL: Amsterdam finally pushed but still win to stay atop standings

The BNL league wound up its third full weekend of action with no clear changes in the standings but a definite change in attitude..

After complete dominance in the first two weekends, the Amsterdam Crusaders found themselves in a surprising battle against the Limburg Shotguns. Although Amsterdam came away with the win, it was not easy against a Shotguns team who changed most observers opinions. The Crusaders had previously rolled over their top two rivals for the title, the Brussels Black Angels and Rotterdam Trojans. 

In other action, as expected, the Black Angels had no trouble in beating the Kasteel Nitros while Rotterdam took care of business, easily downing the Brussels Tigers.

1. Amsterdam Crusaders (3-0) (Last week 1)

The Amsterdam Crusaders remain at the top of the standings and rankings but they were pushed to the limit by the Shotguns, finally getting by them 35-30. They had previously overwhelmed the Brussels Black Angels 35-0 to open the season and then the Rotterdam Trojans 46-0.

2. Brussels Black Angels (2-1) (Last week 2)

The Black Angels, finalists in 2023, had no trouble against the Kasteel Nitros whipping them 39-7 after blanking the Brussels Tigers 42-0 in the second week of play. The Black Angels had suffered an embarrassing 35-0 loss to the Crusaders to open the season.

3. Rotterdam Trojans (2-1) (Last week 4)

With a new quarterback, Rotterdam rolled over the Brussels Tigers 35-0 to help atone for the 46-0 drubbing they suffered at the hands of the Crusaders. With the win, Rotterdam moved past the Shotguns into 3rd. The Trojans had opened the season impressively, beating the Shotguns 41-7 but then lost their starting quarterback to a knee injury.


4. Limburg Shotguns (1-2) (Last week 3)

Limburg surprised observers in keeping it close against a powerful Amsterdam squad ultimately losing 35-30. Are the Shotguns the new contender for the title despite their opening day 41-7 loss to the Rotterdam Trojans? In between they defeated the Nitros 48-6. Nevertheless, a loss is still a loss and the Shotguns have slid a spot to #4.

5. Brussels Tigers (1-2) (Last week 5)

The Brussels Tigers suffered their second lopsided loss in a row after losing 35-0 to the Trojans. They had downed the Nitros 20-6 to start the season but then were trounced by the Black Angels 42-0.

6. Kasteel Nitros (0-3) (Last week 6)

Kasteel were overwhelmed 39-7 by the Brussels Black Angels after opening the season by losing 20-6 to the Tigers and 48-6 to the Shotguns. They remain in the basement of the standings are will likely stay there.

Upcoming games

In the Game of the Week this coming weekend, the resurgent Shotguns will play host to the Brussels Black Angels. Meanwhile the Crusaders will visit Brussels to take on the Tigers and Kasteel and Rotterdam will face each other in Izegem, Belgium, the home of the Nitros.


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