Braunschweig New Yorker Lions blow out Berlin Rebels

After the Dresden Monarchs and Frankfurt Universe lost against the top-ranked Braunschweig by a huge margin, the Berlin Rebels had to face the facts that there is no chance against a Lions team playing like this. Over three thousand two hundred people watched as the hosts played almost perfect football in their 52-10 (7-0; 31-0, 7-0, 7-10) win.

After winning the coin toss and deciding to receive, the Rebels were able to get to the Lions 1-yard line with a good combination of running and passing, but they couldn’t finish the job as a strong Braunschweig defense made the early and important stop.

Backed up at their own end zone, Braunschweig’s offense remained calm and marched across the field with passes from Casey Therriault to Jan Hilgenfeldt, Niklas Römer and finally Nathan Morris who scored the first point of the game.

It seemed like that touchdown was all that was needed to strip the guest off their confidence, as they turned the ball over merely two plays into their ensuing drive. The Lions used this good field possession by setting up Tobias Goebel for a good 37-yard field goal, which increased the lead to 10-0.

New Yorker Lions QB Casey Therriault

As they had done against Dresden and Frankfurt, the Lions dominated the second quarter, scoring a total of 31 points during that time span. The offense was always well set up by their defensive counterpart, as the men around linebacker Kerim Homri, who scored on a fumble return touchdown, gave Rebels’ quarterback James Harris absolutely no chance to get something going. It was also the Finn who recovered another Harris fumble, which in turn gave Therriault the chance to score some more, as he did with a second touchdown pass to wide receiver Morris. Before that it was Niklas Römer with two touchdown catches to furthermore demonstrate Braunschweig’s dominance.

Despite coming out of the break with a 38-0 lead, the Lions never slowed down, as evidenced by the next touchdown by running back David McCants, which only took three plays to accomplish.

After that head coach Troy Tomlin send in his back ups, most prominently Dutch quarterback Tom van Dujn.  But it was Berlin who scored next, as Phillip Friis Anderson kicked a field goal to make the score 45-3.

Braunschweig quickly answered though, a long pass by van Duijn found his target in Justus Holtz for a 63-yard touchdown pass.
The end of the game was characterized by Rebels old hand Darius Outlaw. Not only did he managed to almost get in the end zone with a 47-yard run, but the quarterback scored the final touchdown of the game himself two plays later.

The New Yorker Lions have now been undefeated in eight games and await the last other undefeated team in the GFL North division, the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, on Saturday June 24th at home.


07:00   33 Yard TD pass C. Therriault to N. Morris (PAT T. Goebel)
10:00   37 Yard Field goal T. Goebel
17:00   63 Yard TD pass C. Therriault to N. Römer (PAT T. Goebel)
24:00   25 Yard TD Pass C. Therriault to N. Römer (PAT T. Goebel)
31:00   32 Yard Fumble Return TD K. Homri (PAT T. Goebel)
38:00   27 Yard TD Pass C. Therriault to N. Morris (PAT T. Goebel)
45:00   70 Yard TD run D. McCants (PAT T. Goebel)
45:03   31 Yard Field goal P. F. Andersen
52:03   67 Yard TD pass T. van Duijn auf J. Holtz (PAT T. Goebel)
52:10   4 Yard TD run D. Outlaw (PAT P. F. Andersen)

Leon Häfner began playing football for the Aschaffenburg Stallions at the age of 13 and currently plays for the Hof Jokers. Leon resides in Bayreuth, Germany where he studies Business Administration. You can reach him via his Twitter handle at