Brazil & Panama to play for final spot in 2015 Stockholm IFAF World Championships

2015 Stockholm World Championships qualifier to take place in Panama

Tommy Wiking, the president of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), has confirmed the participation of the Brazilian National American Football team as in contention for qualifying for the 2015 Stockholm World Championships in Sweden.

Brazil will face Panama in Panama for last vacancy of the IFAF Americas nations. The winner will enter the fifth edition of the IFAF World Championships. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBFA) and the American Football Federation of Panama (AFFP) are in negotiations to schedule the confrontation that will decide the position to dispute the IFAF World Championship.

Per IFAF President Tommy Wiking earlier today:

From the President of AFFP, Guillermo Suarez, there are three possible dates for the unprecedented duel.

“At the moment, our federation is in negotiations to establish the correct date for the game.The committee requested the IFAF Americas & AFFP to present three appropriate dates for this clash, which will be held in Panama, according to the rules.”

The possibles dates given by the American Football Federation of Panama (AFFP) are:

  1. December 12/13, 2014 
  2. January 30/31, 2015 
  3. February 6/7, 2015

The CBFA will decide what is the best date for the match. Only the latest date does not meet the conditions of the IFAF.

The Panamanian federation also presented two possible locations to host the duel. Both in Panama City at either the National Stadium Romel Fernandez or Balboa Stadium.

2015 Stockholm World Championships

The fifth edition of the World Championships will feature a record twelve teams from five continents, an increase of four teams compared to last edition played in Austria in 2011.

Regarding the championships, IFAF President tweeted this today:

This makes the qualifying look like the following:

The Qualifiers

IFAF Americas – 3 teams – filled by Mexico, Canada, and winner of Brazil v. Panama
IFAF Europe – 3 teams –  filled by Germany, Austria, France
IFAF Asia – 2 teams – filled by Japan and South Korea
IFAF Oceania – 1 team – filled by Australia
IFAF Africa – 1 team – filled by winner of Egypt & Morocco
Host Country – Sweden
Defending Champions – U.S.A.

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