Brazilian Defensive Back Signs with Portugal’s Algarve Sharks

Former Porto Alegre Pumpkins defender is headed to Portugal’a Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano (LPFA).

Former defensive back from the Porto Alegre Pumpkins, Yuri Barreto, has signed to play for the Algarve Sharks, in the Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano (LPFA). Barreto will study for a period of three years at the University of Algarve. The agreement was comcluded by team president Bruno Caria and head coach Pedro Viana. Barreto left for Portugal in late September.

The proposal is that the Brazilian will play a single season on the roster of the city of Faro, but with the opportunity to renew the agreement for a term which has not yet been determined between the player and team.

Barreto is excited about this opportunity:

“The LPFA has great quality teams. I believe that the structure of the teams in Portugal to be a plus. As for the Sharks, I am talking a lot with the coaches and some teammates. I think this season is going to be a milestone for the team, as it has been strengthening and qualifying in several respects. Certainly will hear a lot of the Algarve team.”

Despite the fact that the Sharks, led by Viana, finished their first season in the Portuguese top league with record of 2-7 – and lost in the playoffs to Porto Mutts – Yuri believes the they can raise their technical level and compete with their strongest rivals such as the Lisboa Navigators, Lisboa Devils and Cascais Crusaders.

“All teams cited are good and have a lot of game experience. They certainly have a well balanced and united roster, which in my point of view is something that is acquired over time. The Sharks in turn demonstrate to be doing good and intense workouts, along with it, is bringing players from abroad, which tends to boost and raise the level of the team as a whole. As one evolves, others tend to follow the progress.”

According to the Brazilian, the idea is to add to the Portuguese roster, since the Algarve Sharks second weakest defense in the LPFA VI – ahead only of rivals in the region, the Algarve Pirates. The lack of secondary experience was a determining factor as opposing teams picked on their cornerbacks and the only safety successfully. The experience of Barreto can help him enter in the depth chart.

“Defensive back play is extremely difficult and complex. It involves many things at once and people do not realize that applying jam techniques, reading the attack and playing man-to-man coverage is not simple. In coming to the team, regardless of the manner or position on the field, I will give my best in training, effort and intensity.  About being starter, will be at the discretion of the coaches, I hope to be worthy of the opportunity.”


Barreto began his career in the old São Leopoldo Guaranys – currently São Leopoldo Mustangs – in the 2013 season. The following year, he made the Pumpkins roster and has played with the Porto Alegre Pumpkins ever since. Barreto won the Gaúcho Championship in 2014 and was co-champion in 2015.

Barreto’s highlights

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