Brazilian Football League Final Four Set

The Brazilian Football League has reached the semifinal stage with the 30 teams in the league now whittled down to the Final Four.

Three of the four number one seeds have advanced while the Coritiba Crocodiles continue to surprise.

The Joao Pessoa Espectros had no trouble disposing of the #2 seeded Ceara Cacadores blanking them 40-0 on one side of the bracket. Then the Sada Cruzeiro faced a stiffer test but still prevailed, beating #2 Vila Velha Tritoes 21-7 in a hard fought battle.

Joao Pessoa Espectros flew over Ceara Cacadores Photo: Anderson Silva

On the other side of the bracket, the #1 seeded Cuiaba Arsenal  were also tested but came out on top of the Tubaroes, 19-10. The only blemish on the records of #1 seeds was the Timbo Rex who were eliminated in the round of 16 by the #4 seeded Coritiba Crocodiles who then pulled off the upset again for the second weekend in a row, downing the #2 seeded Santa Maria Soldiers 35-6.

Coritiba Crocodiles overpowered the Santa Maria Soldiers Photo: Radar Esportivo

The BFA Final Four will be played November 19 with the Joao Pessoa Espectros hosting the Cuiaba Arsenal in one semifinal and the Coritiba Crocodiles  at home against the  Sada Cruzeiro  in the other.

Semifinalists logging plenty of air miles

The city of Joao Pessoa is located on the coast of Brazil, about 1,500 miles and five hours by air for the Arsenal from Cuiaba while the Crocodiles will travel the 520 miles from Curitiba to Bela Horizonte to face the Cruzeiro.

In the 2016 Brazilian semifinals, the Cuiaba Arsenal were eliminated by Timbo T-Rex while Joao Pessoa Espectros were bounced by the Rio de Janeiro Flamengo. The T-Rex went on to defeat the Flamengo in the 2016 Brazil Bowl.


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