Brazilian National Team Signs First Official Sponsor

Brazilians are preparing for battle in Canton/USA

For the first time in their history, the Brasil Onças will feature an official sponsor.

This week, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBFA) and the EWC Watches (a Japanese brand of oversized watches), have agreed a deal to the full year 2015. The company, based in Rio de Janeiro, will financially support the confederation and national team to provide communication services such as press office and managing social networks.

With the idea of promoting the popularization of sport in the country, the contract also includes the creation of a WebTV. The agreement was sealed only after qualifying for the IFAF World Championship, which will be held in July in the United States. Existing since 2007, the national team has only participated in friendlies up until now. It will also be the first major international event for the team.

“More than just a sponsorship, we entered into a long-term relationship, two-way, to help in the development and promotion of football practiced in Brazil, while associating the brand EWC values inherent in sport. We are very motivated and hopeful of taking football to the next level in Brazil and partnerships are of utmost importance for this”, said the president of the CBFA, Guto Sousa.

For Juliano Ribeiro, representative of EWC Watches, this partnership will open doors to other teams.

“This project will be a pioneering step in Brazil.  We will be the first sponsors of the Brazilian national team and, of course, we will open the door for others. We characteristically invest in the development of sports; support early-athletes and American football is no different. Our communication project is ambitious and is consistent with the strong growth of the sport in the country, which brings a high expectation of return”.

Journalist at Futebol Americano Brasil and American Football International. Post graduated in Digital Journalism at Famecos/PUCRS. Former multimedia producer of Locast Project MIT/USA. Former player of Porto Alegre Pumpkins.