Brazil’s Catarinense Championship: São José Istepôs Top Criciúma Miners, Go to Playoffs

On Saturday April 25th, São José Istepôs defeated Criciúma Miners 25-9, in week 4 of the Catarina State Championship. The match was held at the field of SATC, in Criciúma, Brazil.

The Istepôs opened the scoring in the first quarter with a touchdown wide receiver #7 Talyson, who received the pass from quarterback # 5 Douglas Rodrigues. The kicker #44 Vinicius hit the extra point.

In the second quarter, the Miners closed the gap to 7-3 with a field goal by kicker #7 Mortadela. However, Istepôs increased the difference with another TD, this time caught by the receiver # 81 Gustavo Oliveira.

In the next campaign, Rodrigues connected the receiver #1 Whellyngton for TD. Vinicius lost on two occasions the PAT.

After halfitme, the quarterback of Criciúma #8 Rogério replaced American QB/DB #11 Da’Ronte Smith and connected with wide receiver #88 William to mark the touchdown. The two-point conversion was blocked by the special teams of Istepôs.

In the last quarter, Rodrigues passed again to Talyson, who marked another TD and declare the victory of the visiting team.

The victory granted Istepôs to the playoffs and a provisional second place in the standings.

Brignoli family. Photos Geraldo Takanage

Brignoli family. Photos Geraldo Takanage

Brignoli Family Duel

The game marked history for one detail: the duel between the Brignoli brothers – offensive line #76 Ramon (Istepôs) and defensive end #54 Mateus.

Two women in the Brignoli family were proud of this struggle, the mother Mrs. Samira and them little sister Giovanna. This is the first match between Ramon and Mateus.

The Ramon played for Miners until the 2014 season, when he decided to transfer to São José.

Highlights: São José Istepôs Top Criciúma Miners

Catarinense Championship – Standings

Pos Team Win Loss PF PA NET
TimboRexMini Timbó Rex 3 0 113 32 81
CuritibaGuardianSaintsMini São José Istepôs 2 1 59 53 6
ParanaHPMini Itapema White Sharks 2 2 104 101 3
NorteParanaMini Joinville Gladiators 1 2 64 99 -35
FozdoIguacuBlackSharksMini Criciúma Miners 0 3 35 90 -55

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