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Brazil’s CBFA Preivew: Cuiaba Arsenal v. Tubaroes do Cerrado

Cuiaba Arsenal (Cuiaba, Mato Grosso)


Tubaroes do Cerrado (TdC) (Brasilia, Distrito Federal)

Saturday, September 24th
3:oo pm
Estádio Municipal Rogério Jesus de Almeida – Nossa Senhora de Livramento, Mato Grosso

The Stakes

Home field advantage in later playoff rounds and an undefeated record, for these two 4-0 sqauds tied atop Conferencia Oeste’s Grupo 1.

The Players


Above: Ken Joshen has found a home In Cuiaba in leading he Cuiaba Arsenal not only as their head Coach, but as a dynamic playmaker. Photo credit: Bruno Antunes


The néxt two Above: D-linemen, Augusto Oliveira and Felipe Marques, who make up nearly 14 feet and 600 pounds of human being, will be looking to create problems for The Cuiaba Arsenal offense on Sunday. Photo credit: Jacques royzen Photo credit: Courtesy of Augusto Oliveira

The Game & Storylines

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