Brazil’s Coritiba Crocodiles Win the Paraná State Championship

Last Saturday, June 20th, the Coritiba Crocodiles faced Paraná HP in Paraná Bowl VII.

Paraná is one of the 26 states of Brazil, located in the south of the country, bordered on the north by São Paulo state, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and by Paraguay, Argentina and Santa Catarina state to the west and south.

The clash occurred at Arena Top Line, in Campo Largo – metropolitan region of Curitiba in Paraná. As in the previous six times, the ‘croco’ (the Crocodiles’ nickname) were the champions at the end of the final as Coritiba defeated Paraná by 21-12.

HP Paraná

The first alviverde (White and Green in English) touchdown came in the first quarter with running back Bruno Santucci. The ‘croco’ increased their lead quickly after a pick six by strong safety Henrique Rocha.

In the second quarter, the Crocodiles score with again with running back Lucas Mullet. All PATs were converted by kicker Adan Rodriguez.

Leading 21-0, the Crocodiles relaxed in the second half and the HP reduced the difference on two opportunities. Juninho scored the first touchdown and Gulin scored the second. Both PATs were missed. However, the 12 points scored by the top club of the Paraná Championship were not enough to end the dominance of the Crocodiles.

This was the seventh consecutive state title for the Coritiba Crocodiles, who are now preparing to compete in the Superliga Nacional (Brazilian Championship).

Paraná HP will play the Torneio Touchdown.

Journalist at Futebol Americano Brasil and American Football International. Post graduated in Digital Journalism at Famecos/PUCRS. Former multimedia producer of Locast Project MIT/USA. Former player of Porto Alegre Pumpkins.