Brian Caler steps down as head coach of Frankfurt Universe

Brian Caler, head coach of the Frankfurt Universe, one of Europe’s elite teams, is leaving the club with immediate effect.

During an extended meeting with club management earlier this week, Caler asked to be released from his duties as head coach. Chief scout and defensive coordinator Thomas Kösling will take over on an interim basis until the end of the season.

Caler’s decision, while seemingly sudden, was not made hastily and according to him, arose from a change in his family situation.

He issued the following statement on his Facebook profile:

Well I have been debating whether or not to post about the latest news and situation regarding my job as Head Coach of the Frankfurt Universe. Due to all the posts from people outside of the situation, I have decided to do so…

First off, I wanna thank everybody who ever had a hand in making the Universe go during my time with the team. That goes out to all the players, coaches, team staff, management, cheerleaders, game day volunteers, the sponsors, the great fans, and even the city of Frankfurt. It truly has been an honor and pleasure being a part of Frankfurt’s sporting community and of the Frankfurt Universe.

The truth of what has happened is simple… As you know things happen and things change in life and it just came to a point that I was not able to fulfill the work load of being the Head Coach of the Universe. Basically it comes down to the fact, I need to be at home more for my children. My wife has been doing great things in her career and she has recently taken a new position that will be more time consuming. Therefore, after so many years of her supporting me, it is time for me to support her and that also means being at home more with my children.

Honestly I didn’t want to step down, but I had no choice. My love for the game of football and my passion for it burns just as strong as ever. However, I always said family comes first and is priority 1, what kind of man or leader am I if I do not stand behind my own words?

To all those who are speculating or spreading rumors about why this has happened I ask you to please STOP! Your actions in doing so are only causing confusion to those internally involved.

To the players and staff of the Frankfurt Universe, you guys are a special group of men. I always said do not miss out on opportunities and take advantage of them when you can. I hope you all can understand that those opportunities are not just about football but, also about life’s opportunities. I love you guys each and every one of you in a special and different way. I hope you all know just how much it meant to me to be your coach and how thankful I am for the faith and belief you put in me. I hope at some point in my time as your coach you guys learned about more than just football. I said in my very first team meeting that it is my goal to better you not only athletically but also personally. I hope I was able to do that on some level. I wish there would have been another way but unfortunately there wasn’t. Guys all I ask is that you realize the beauty of our sport and always stay respectful to the game, as well as, believe in yourself as a team. Love one another, support one another, and play for each other. If you do that you will be great! Finish what we started, Love you guys and thank you for all your efforts. #BGA

Take care!

Frankfurt senior executives Daniel Zeidler and Alexander Korosek were naturally unhappy but understanding:

“We are very grateful to Brian Caler for the team’s on-field success and have therefore quickly and mutually agreed with him in this particular, personal situation. As a sign of our respect for his achievements to date, he will continue to receive his compensation to the full extent.”

The 39 year old Caler took over as head coach of the Universe in late 2017 and since then fashioned an overall record of 13-3 and guiding Frankfurt to the German Bowl where they lost in a heart breaker to the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns, 21-19. Previous to that, he had spent nine years with the Allgäu Comets, helping them rise from the depths of American football in Germany to a semifinal berth in the GFL in 2015.  His overall record with the Comets in the German Football League was 31-24. He coached Allgäu to back-to-back 12-2 seasons in the GFL2. 

He originally came to Germany from the University of Saint Mary in Kansas as a quarterback  in 2004 and now lives with his wife and children in Germany. He speaks fluent German.


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