British American Football League Power Rankings: Premiership Week Two

In AFI’s continuing collaboration with Great Britain’s top American football website – Double Coverage – we present their Power Rankings in Week 2 of the Premiership.
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In the meantime, let’s check out how the Patriots of the #BritballNation see things stacking up in the top tier after the weekend’s action:

12. Farnham Knights (0-1-0) | No Change

Ouch. Farnham got a grim start to 2019, getting annihilated 85-0 by the Warriors, but at least there’s probably not a tougher fixture on their schedule than an away trip to the reigning National Champions.

We’ll see if they can improve on their performance with their trip to the Blitz this Sunday.

11. Kent Exiles (0-0-0) | Down One

The Exiles are yet to kick off their season, and so in truth we know very little about how well they’ll contend in the top tier. They slide a spot following Week Two as other teams climb.

10. London Olympians (0-0-0) | Down One

Yet to start their season, the Olympians are leapfrogged from a pair of programmes and find themselves in the #10 spot following Week Two.

Their season gets underway in Week Four against newcomers to the top tier, the Exiles.

9. Bristol Aztecs (0-1-0) | Up One

The Aztecs stay put in the #9 spot despite their opening day loss to the Blitz.

Though the 33-2 scoreline looks like a one-sided game, the truth is Bristol more than held their own for much of the game, coming into the third quarter with only a 7-0 deficit.

The ‘Tecs head to a pair of byes, before hosting the Exiles in Week Five.

8. Sheffield Giants (0-2-0) | Up Three

Yowsers – an interesting turn of events for the Sheffield Giants, as despite suffering a second loss of the season in Week Two, the Giants climb an impressive three spots UP the rankings!

Perhaps the pollsters were impressed by Sheffield’s resilience on Sunday, holding the mighty Phoenix to but a single score through the majority of the matchup!

They get their first weekend off in Week Three, before travelling to the Wolves the following weekend.

7. Edinburgh Wolves (0-0-0) | No Change

Edinburgh hold firm in the #7 spot, their season not getting underway until Week Four.

6. Merseyside Nighthawks (0-0-0)

No movement for Merseyside as the Nighthawks’ season is yet to kick off.

We won’t have to wait long, however, as they’ll travel to the Falcons in a live-streamed Game of the Week fixture, this weekend!

5. Leicester Falcons (1-0-0)

Leicester’s Week One win over the Giants looks a touch more impressive following the Phoenix’s own struggles to put up points on the Sheffield outfit.

Still, we don’t see them climb higher up the rankings just yet – let’s see how they fair when they face the Nighthawks this Sunday.

4. Manchester Titans (0-0-0) | No Change

No movement from the Titans who, for now at least, are still to be considered the favourites for at least the #2 spot in the North.

They open their campaign against the Falcons in Week Four.

3. Tamworth Phoenix (1-0-0)

I was expecting the Phoenix to reclaim their #2 spot in the rankings following what looked like a fairly cushy opening fixture against the Giants.

However, Tamworth’s offence struggled to get going until deep into the second half and so despite starting their year off with a win, we’ll clearly need to wait for something for convincing from the Phoenix before they climb any higher up the rankings.

Perhaps in Week Four when Tamworth host the Nighthawks?

2. London Blitz (1-0-0)

It took them quite some time to get going, but a strong second-half performance lifted the Blitz to an eventually comfortable-looking scoreline in Week Two.

We’ll get our first chance to see how the Blitz might compare to their big smoke rivals, the Warriors, this weekend when they host a bruised-looking Farnham Knights in Week Three.

Will we see another top tier mercy clock on Sunday?

1. London Warriors (1-0-0)

A crushingly convincing victory for the defending National Champions, and considering the results elsewhere across the top tier? It’s no surprise the Warriors were unanimous #1 picks for all our Patreons following Week Two.

Next up for the Warriors, Week Four will see our first big southern showdown of the year, as the Warriors host the Blitz.


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