British National League: Chester Romans defeat Crewe Railroaders 36-0

5/25/14 Crewe Railroaders at Chester Romans 25/5/14

Still licking their wounds from the loss to the Staffordshire Surge a few weeks ago the Crewe Railroaders travelled to face county rivals Chester Romans on Sunday. The same fixture last year saw the Romans win out easy winners 50-6 and the Railroaders were looking to improve on that score. The Romans kicked off under a dark overcast sky and throughout the game we had occasional patches of drizzle.

The first quarter went quite fast with both defences playing well and forcing the other team to punt on their first two possessions. The Romans second punt of the day was excellent and pinned the Railroaders back on their own 1yd line. The Romans defense came up big on the next play and tackled the ball carrier in the endzone for a Safety and took a 2-0 lead into the second quarter. The next 15 minutes the Railroaders were the masters of their own downfall. Blown coverage by the Defense saw Chester pass deep and score their first Touchdown of the day. On the ensuing kick off the Railroaders fumbled the ball and Chester recovered and with a short field on their next possession ran the ball home for the second Touchdown of the day.

The Railroaders offense just couldn’t get anything moving and were once again forced to punt. The punt was blocked and Chester once again capitalised on a short field and scored their third Touchdown of the quarter. The Railroaders had a change at Quarterback position for what should have been the last drive of the half but confusion saw the Railroaders pass on 4th down and give the ball back to Chester with 20 seconds left on the clock. Blown coverage again by the Defense let Chester score an easy Touchdown and end the half with a comfortable 30-0 lead.

It would have been easy for Crewe to drop their heads but they came out in the second half with a very positive attitude and thinking this game was still not out of reach. But when Chester scored on the their very first drive of the second half and with the score standing at 36 – 0 the game was out of reach for the Railroaders. But again credit to the Crewe lads, they never gave up and continued fighting to the end and kept Chester out of the end zone but the Offense could just not generate any momentum. All credit to the Chester Romans team they took their opportunities well and exploited a few weaknesses in the Crewe defense, so lets not take anything away from them.

The game was played in a good sporting manner by both teams which despite our loss made it a very enjoyable game to be part of. A big thank you for the few travelling Railroaders supporters you presence was much appreciated.

Final Score Chester Romans 36-0 Crewe Railroaders

Next week the Railroaders travel to the Manchester Titans see the above photo for details. Going to be a great day out for supporters and players alike, hope to see as many of you there as possible.

via Lee Johnson and the Crewe Railroaders

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