Budapest Wolves win Hungarian Bowl in epic thriller

The Budapest Wolves downed the Miskolc Steelers 34-30 in the Hungarian Football League’s championship final at Szusza Ferenc Stadium in Újpest, Hungary.

Budapest Wolves (1st seed) 34 – Miskolc Steelers (2nd seed) 30 (14-7, 7-7, 6-10, 7-6)

The Wolves opened the game well in the first quarter taking a quick, two touchdown lead. The record-holding champions scored in their first drive; however, they needed Alvin Reels’ fourth down conversion in the middle of the field. After that, the Wolves made progress to the end zone where Péter Lenner got the advantage. Ben Lyons kicked the extra point.

It was the Miskolc Steelers turn to answer. Nevertheless, Vasyl Yordan’s pass went in and out of the hands of Mauritio Uribe. Darius Lewis grabbed the deflected ball and ran back with it to the end zone. The Steelers tried to score in the first period, which they did. However, Steelers running back Andre Whyte fumbled the ball at the two yard line and Lewis picked it up. Although the Steelers’ offense could not hold on to the ball, the defense got it back quickly: Máté Jónás intercepted Márk Bencsics’ pass and carried it back for a touchdown. Jónás added the extra point to pull Miskolc closer, 14-7.

Photo: Gabriella Kraus

In the second quarter, Wolves defensive back Gergely Homoki  intercepted a Yordan pass. The offense came in and restored the two touchdown advantage with Kristóf Madarassy’s catch.

Nevertheless, Whyte scored his first touchdown of the game to keep the score close, closing the gap to 21-14 in favor of the Wolves at the half.

Photo: János Gábor Hidvégi

The Steelers opened the second half scoring with Whyte carrying the squad on his back . He scored the tying touchdown, but the six time champions fought back and Bencsics found Madarassy again for another touchdown. However, Ben Lyons’ extra point attempt was blocked by Yurij Nahornyak. Miskolc had the chance to turn the score around but could only add another Jónás field goal.

Photo: János Gábor Hidvégi

Miskolc finally took the lead in the fourth quarter. Andre Whyte first threw an outstanding pass to Anton Ushenko and then on the next play Yordan was the one who gave a perfect ball to Whyte for a touchdown. Jónás missed the kick.

The Wolves still had more than five minutes to score again which they did. This time Bencsics found Ádám Elek, who stretched the ball into the end zone with his hand. Two minutes for the Steelers to score. Uribe’s and Ushenko’s catches quickly took Miskolc in front of the Wolves’ end zone.  Nevertheless, Yordan could not hold onto the ball while he was tackled and Homoki intercepted the deflected ball and won the game for the Budapest Wolves.

Photo: Gabriella Kraus

The final score was 34-30, and the MVP of the game was Kristóf Madarassy of the victorious squad. The best player of the season was Andre Whyte from the Miskolc Steelers.

László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American