Cairo Wolves Win The First International Club American Football Game In Egypt

This particular sport has been trying to rise to the top in the Egyptian sports scene for years and looks like all the effort paid off as our Cairo Wolves proudly won the first ever international American Football game against Jordan’s Amman Barracudas.


The popularity of this sport is growing and more Egyptians are getting involved by the day,

“We have been supporting this sport in Egypt since the beginning, sponsoring the first international game in Egypt was a challenge, and guess what, we made it come true !!” stated Ibrahim Naguib, marketing manager of Lenovo.

The Wolves’ 40-20 win says a lot about the team’s potential but more importantly gives hope that this time American Football in Egypt is here to stay!

Head coach, Moaz Sabbah, described Friday’s win:

“That was an international performance by my players, they put a lot of sweat and tears in practice preparing for this game, and it paid off.”


“Aside from the adrenaline rush we feel every time we reminisce about last Friday’s game, we thought no one will ever be able to deliver a real feel of how intensely uplifting it was other than the beasts behind this remarkable win.”

“The first international game ever!! That’s a dream for all the American football players in Egypt, I was lucky enough to play, I was lucky enough to be part of the history of American football In Egypt” said defender Islam Hadaba, while linebacker, Madu, made it clear that carrying their country’s name was on his mind the whole time:

“5 minutes to glory!! That’s what kept spinning in my head, recalling all what we have gone through to deserve the chance of representing our country in the first international game ever!! And yes, we did it!”



Photos: Yahya Diwer

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