Central America: Football Blitz kicks off this weekend

Football is back on track and stronger than ever in the Central American region.

The two-year COVID shutdown couldn’t dampen the passionate enthusiasm and tenacity of the Latin coaches and players. Football is in full bloom this Spring season and kicks off this weekend!

The countries of precedence this Sunday goes to Honduras and Nicaragua. The leagues are both starting the opening games of their Men’s 1st Division Championship calendars, followed by the Costa Rican league that is already well underway with its schedule.

On the horizon! Guatemala will commence its calendar in May and El Salvador thereafter.


The 2019 finalists, the Centauros (3x champs) of the Federación de Football Americano de Honduras National Championship, will seek to capture a win from the Raptors (4x champs) on Sunday in the opening game of the 2022 calendar. Kickoff is at 2:00 PM on the field of Pelota Lempira Reina in Tegucigalpa.  

Centauros celebrating league title in 2019

President of Centauros, Luis Ramos

We want our fourth championship this season. We have a mix of new and old-school players. We want to sing we are the champions again in 2022.

President of FENAFAH, Gustavo Barahona

It’s very exciting to go back to the gridiron! The past couple of years have been extremely difficult for sports in Honduras, including American football. But now, thankfully, we are ready to start. We have big expectations for this season, all of the teams are back. Every league in the federation has overcome major setbacks and obstacles due to the world pandemic but we crossed each one of them and now we are ready to play the sport we love most. It’s going to be a season to remember!

FENAFAH 2022 Calendar


Organización Nicaragüense de Football Americano and the Liga Nicaragüense de Football Americano present the 2022 Momotombo Bowl. The league reunites this year with a combination team comprising of Toros de Masaya and Nativos Carazo called MC Football Team. The other participating teams are the Bufalos del Sur, Lobos Football and Leones de Managua. Opening day games will be played at the Complejo Deportivo Y Recreativo El Corozal in the town of Masaya starting at 9:00 AM.

  Costa Rica


The Men’s 1st Division 2022 Championship is playing in Game Week 6 this Sunday. The leading team Toros is expected to hold their stance against the Tigers in the first game of the day at 9:00 AM followed by the Southern Knights encounter with the Leones at 12:30 PM. Both games will be played at the municipal stadium San Joaquin of Heredia, a suburb of the San Jose valley. The Saints and Pumas are on bye-week.

Toros Owner and Coach, Scott Doherty

Throughout the pandemic the Toros prepared and trained at a high level. We added some experienced players to our team and they have helped elevate us to be back on top. We are happy to be back on the field competing at a high level and we look forward to finishing the season strong!

Week 7 on Sunday, May 1st will be the last day of regular games. Toros vs Southern Knights, Tigers vs Saints and Pumas vs Leones. Playoffs are on Sunday, May 8th. A bye-week is scheduled to accommodate the annual Tropic Bowl, an all-day event in its 12th edition on Saturday, May 14th and concluding with the Final on Sunday, May 22nd.

Follow the 2022 Championship games at this link: https://www.facebook.com/Campeonato1DFACR


Liga Guatemalteca De Football Americano is slated to commence its Men’s 1st Division 2022 Championship on Saturday, May 14th. The prevalent six teams of the league are in the lineup. With the current top team from the 2021 Championship, the Bulldogs followed by the Panteras, Dragones, Toros, Titanes and Cabros Xela in descending order. Premiere game day will take place at the sports complex Ernesto Villa in the capital, Guatemala City.

El Salvador

Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football hasn’t released their American football calendar dates yet, although not expected to start until the summer. The federation is currently preoccupied with Flag tourneys.

Follow the American Football in Central America website for more regional information.

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