Central America: Honduras Wins IFAF 2015 4 Nations Tournament

                                                                                                                                      Honduras National Team / Photo Credit FENAFAH

Four International Federation of American Football (IFAF) member organizations from the Central American region came together from December 4th – 6th, 2015 in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The IFAF 2015 – 4 Nations Tournament featured the national teams of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Honduras National Team

Honduras National Team / Photo Credit FENAFAH

Honduras beat out the other contenders in this first round qualifying tournament and will compete at a future date against the winner of the next qualifying tournament between Panama and Costa Rica scheduled for 2016.

New FENAFAH LogoThis recent win for Honduras marks their third 4 Nations championship. They also won in El Salvador 2013 and in Honduras 2014 but those two previous tournaments were not IFAF sanctioned.

Juan Raskoff, President of the Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH) stated

“It was a very competitive tournament. The 4 National Teams have a good football level.”

Guerreros of Nicaragua Team boasted a roster of 25 players. Unfortunately the Guerreros lost both games. The first loss was against (FENAFAH) Honduras National Team 22-0 and the second loss was against (SAAIF) El Salvador Big Blue Team 38-0 in the game for 3rd and 4th place.

Staying optimistic Eduardo Cordoba Samayoa, President of the Guerreros of Nicaragua commented

“The experience was good for a lot of the players. Most of them don’t have experience. Our team is young.”

(SAAIF) El Salvador Big Blue Team lost their opening game of the tournament against (AGFA) Guatemala Tigres Team 14-2. However the real challenge came for the Tigres in an OT showdown against (FENAFAH) Honduras National Team vying for the 2015 championship. The reigning 4 Nations champions prevailed once again by knocking out the Tigres 12-6.

Men’s Contact National Teams Overall Standings

1st Honduras – National Team

2nd Guatemala – Tigres

3rd El Salvador – Big Blue

4th Nicaragua – Guerreros

Women’s Flag Football

Nicaragua’s Pinoleras Team consisting of only 7 players lost 18-6 in the debut game of the tournament against (SAAIF) El Salvador Liberty Hawks Team. The Pinoleras then lost against (FENAFAH) Honduras National Team 34-0 in the game for 3rd and 4th place.

Noteworthy to mention is (FENAFAH) Honduras National Team first game of the tournament came up short by only 1 point against (AGFA) Guatemala Cobras Team. This gave the Cobras their first win 13-12.

The 2015 championship game between (AGFA) Guatemala Cobras Team and (SAAIF) Liberty Hawks Team resulted in a strong shut out win for the Cobras 38-0.

Cobras Flag AGFA

AGFA Cobras Women's Flag Champions

Guatemala Women’s Flag National Team Cobras / Photo Credit AGFA

Women’s Flag National Teams Overall Standings

1st Guatemala – Cobras

2nd El Salvador – Liberty Hawks

3rd Honduras – National Team

4th Nicaragua – Pinoleras

Coaches Clinic

Coaches Clinic Paul Vincent Miraval

Coaches Clinic / Paul Vincent Miraval / Photo Credit FENAFAH

Along with the great collaboration and sportsmanship the countries showed one another, the weekend was highlighted with a Coaches Clinic offered by HC U-19 Paul Vincent Miraval of France.

Coaches Clinic Paul Vincent Miraval 2

Coaches Clinic / Paul Vincent Miraval / Photo Credit FENAFAH

The tournament was officiated by international referees:

Mexico – Mario Matos

Mexico – Pedro Chavez

Sweden – Rodrigo Montecinos

France – Paul Vincent Miraval

Throw Back History

Honduras has a strong history of American football in the region. The sport was introduced to Juan Raskoff, President of FENAFAH and other curious Hondurans in 2001 by two marines from the USA Embassy. The marines taught them the basics of the sport.

Over the following years American football in Honduras has garnered players and fans. Although in recent years the sport has experienced a growth spurt and this year the FENAFAH hosted its VIII National Championship with 8 teams under its banner in the cities of Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela.

FENAFAH has already undertaken the initiative to develop new teams in the cities of Ceiba, Choluteca and San Pedro Sula.

Juan Raskoff, President of FENAFAH, has been involved in a directive position with American football in Honduras for more than nine years and was elected to the presidency from 2010-2013 and was reelected for the term of 2014-2017.

Learn more about the Honduran league and teams by clicking on their Facebook profile names listed below and connecting with them.

Federacion Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH)

Group Tegucigalpa





Group Comayaguela


CENTAUROS Team (must join group to view profile)



Liga de Flag Football Femenino de Honduras

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