Guatemala hosts six nation Central American Bowl II

Six Central American countries will be showcasing their men’s selection national teams at the Central American Bowl II in San José Pinula, Guatemala. The first Central American Bowl was hosted by the Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football (SAAIF) in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador during 2013.

Teams are divided into two groups, A & B. Group A: El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. Group B: Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

The week-long tournament will open on Sunday, February 4th at 8:00 AM with Panama vetted against Honduras followed by Costa Rica vetted against home team Guatemala at 12:00 PM. Game day two will be on Tuesday the 6th starting at 10:00 AM with Honduras vs El Salvador and at 2:00 PM Guatemala vs Nicaragua. The third game day of the tournament will be played on Thursday the 8th with El Salvador vs Panama at 10:00 AM and Nicaragua vs Costa Rica at 2:00 PM.

Only one game will be played on Friday the 9th at 2:00 PM to determine the 5th and 6th place between the third place teams of groups A and B. The game for the 3rd and 4th place will be played between the second place teams on Saturday the 10th at 10:00 AM followed by the final Mayan Bowl at 2:00 PM pitting the first place teams to fight for the title of 2018 Central American Bowl II champions!

Marco Cobar Morales, Vice President, Asociación Guatemalteca de Football Americano (AGFA) and Central American Bowl II project manager.

“Guatemala is ready to receive and welcome our Central American brothers in the sport of American Football. We have worked extremely hard and in detail to give our guests the best experience we can give. Thanks to our sponsors, Litegua, Duen Sports, Physia, Caan Films, Supertech, Blaupunkt Lighting and Strong Fit, we have been able to prepare this important tournament that will be the first time that all six countries in Central America will be participating. We have united the experience of our tournament with a Super Bowl party for the inauguration day hoping that it will trigger our FANS to join us for the rest of the week leading to the final games on Saturday the 10th.”

Eduardo Cordoba, Head Coach, Selección Nacional de Nicaragua.

“It will be a great and tough tournament for all of us but it’s a ‘must do’ tournament for the football development in our region.”

The venue for the action packed week-long tournament is the multi-sports complex Gatorade Arena.

Juan Raskoff, President of Federación Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH).

Honduras didn’t participate in the 2013 Central American Bowl because a person who was temporarily in charge of the league took the decision to decline the invitation. This regret occurred while I was absent from my post as president for a few months because of personal reasons.

For this Central American Bowl I have lead a hard working national team of players that were carefully selected from tryouts. We expect to return to Honduras as a winner.

Six participating countries:

Selección Nacional de Futbol Americano de Costa Rica players are from the Asociación Deportiva de Fútbol Americano (ADEFA) Major League and sanctioned by the Federación de Fútbol Americano (FEFA).

Big Blue Selección Nacional de El Salvador from the Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football (SAAIF).

Tigres Selección Nacional de Guatemala from the Asociación Guatemalteca de Football Americano (AGFA).

Selección Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras from the Federación Nacional de Football Americano de Honduras (FENAFAH).

Selección Nacional de Nicaragua from the Liga Nicaraguense de Football Americano (LNFA).

Selección Nacional de Panama from the Asociación de Football Americano de Panamá (AFFP).

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