Central European Football League returns in 2022

The Sportklub Central European Football League will return in 2022 with a total of 13 teams vying for the chance to play and win CEFL Bowl XVI.

The caliber of the CEFL will again be excellent with a total of nine national champions among the 13 competing teams as well as the defending title holders, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns.

The participants are (alphabetically):

Badalona Dracs: Spanish champions
SBB Belgrade Vukovi: Serbian champions
Budapest Wolves: Hungarian champions
Calanda Broncos: Swiss champions
Copenhagen Towers: Danish champions
Danube Dragons: Austrian semifinalists
Flash de La Courneuve: 11-time French champions
LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons: Spanish runner ups
Moscow Spartans: Russian champions
Örebro Black Knights: Swedish champions
Parma Panthers: Italian champions
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns: CEFL Bowl XV champions and German Football League runner ups
Thonon Black Panthers: 2019 French champions

With only four weekends available for play, a cup tournament format will be used with three seeded teams skipping the first round. The other teams are matched up regionally in single-round knockout games.

First round, April 23

The seeded teams are the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, Calanda Broncos and Parma Panthers. The remaining teams will be paired up as follows:

Copenhagen Towers – Örebro Black Knights
Thonon Black Panthers – LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons
Badalona Dracs – Flash de La Courneuve
Belgrade SBB Vukovi – Danube Dragons Vienna
Budapest Wolves – Moscow Spartans

In the second round, three winners of the first-round games will travel to play the seeded teams and two first-round winners will play each other.

Second round, May 14

Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns – Copenhagen Towers/Örebro Black Knights
Calanda Broncos – Budapest Wolves/Moscow Spartans
Parma Panthers – Belgrade SBB Vukovi/Danube Dragons Vienna
Thonon Black Panthers/LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons – Badalona Dracs/Flash de La Courneuve

Hosting priority for the last game will be in the following order: Thonon Black Panthers, Badalona Dracs, LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons, Flash de La Courneuve.

The semifinals are scheduled for June 4 with CEFL Bowl XVI set to be played on June 25.

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