CFL 2023 Global Draft – The complete results

The 2023 CFL Global Draft wound up with a total of 18 players getting selected over the course of two rounds.

It was the third CFL Draft that pooled all of the global players together after previously having separate drafts for Mexican players and European players in 2019.

This year’s draft was reduced to two rounds which was down from three rounds in 2022 and from four rounds in 2021. Also, this was the first global draft based solely on the waiver priority order (reverse standings from the previous year) and the first to have the same order in each round (as opposed to a snake order draft).

Australia had the most players picked, four, all of them punters, while Sweden had three players selected and American Samoa, Great Britain and Germany two players each. Jamaica, Italy, France, Mexico and Bermuda were all represented by one player each.

A total of five punters were picked, four defensive linemen, three offensive linemen, three linebackers, two kickers and one wide receiver.

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