Rescheduled CFL Global Combine in Italy finally off the blocks

The Italian Federation of American Football, FIDAF, has released the list of participants in the 2nd CFL-Italy Global Combine in Italy originally scheduled for March 6 but postponed to today, March 27 at the Modena Vipers facility in Modena, Italy.

A total of 18 players –  16 Italian players plus two players from Spain – have been selected from all of the applications sent in and they will participate in the event to be monitored remotely by Canadian Football League representatives. Players picked from the group will then be eligible for the 2021 Global Draft. The CFL Combine is tentatively scheduled for March 26-28, 2021, although that could change depending on COVID-19 and health restrictions in Canada. All players who attended a 2020 Global Combine will remain as draft eligible players for the 2021 Global Draft set for April 15.

The proceedings will open at 12 noon on Saturday, March 27 with the registration of the participants and the delivery of the Combine Kit by KPRO. This will be followed by a presentation by the recruiters and representatives of the Canadian Football League (remotely), who will explain of the 2021 and 2022 CFL Draft will work and also provide details on the Global program for next season.

Players attending 2021 CFL-Italy Combine

Program for the day

12:00 pm – Registration (Check-in)

12:30 pm – CFL Presentation

1:15 pm – Circuit – Video Shoot (& Headshots), Height & Weight, Hand & Arm Measurements.


Vertical Jump

Bench Press

2:00 pm


Short Shuttle

3-Cone Drill

Broad Jump

3:00 pm – Positional Drills & One-on-Ones

3:00 pm – OL/DL Drills

3:10 pm – OL/DL One-on-ones

3:35 pm – RB/LB One-on-ones (Pass Protection & Routes)

3:50 pm – WR/DB Drills

4:00 pm – WR/DB One-on-ones

4:15 pm – Special Teams Drill

4:30 pm – Long Snappers/Punters/Kickers

4:50 pm – Closing comments – The conclusion of the Combine

The event will take place strictly behind closed doors, in compliance with the Covid-19 Protocols.

On April 15, then, the final event (also strictly virtual), or the CFL Global Draft, through which the nine professional teams of the CFL will choose (in 4 rounds) the 36 best “Global” players to be included in the roster.

Lorenzo Dalle Piago who was selected from the 2020 Combine, is already eligible for this Draft.

The Modena Combine will allow any additions to the list of 169 players currently selected for the Global Combine, but whoever is chosen will also remain eligible for 2022.


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