CFL hits the jackpot with Global Draft players

While the recent announcement of a delay for the 2021 CFL season is disappointing, it is also with good reason. The positive element is that, for those who formed part of the 2021 CFL Global Draft, there is now some added time to prepare with their new teams. Although the majority of these players have some experience of American gridiron, they will need to learn the differences and intricacies of the Canadian game.

Such differences between American football and Canadian football are significant. Perhaps the most easily noticeable is the size of playing area, given that Canadian football pitches are 34% bigger compared to their American football counterparts. That alone makes for an almost entirely different game, certainly from a tactical and technical standpoint, with Canadian teams also featuring 12 players instead of 11.

Along with key differences in the number of downs, with three in the CFL and four in the NFL, there are also some slight but notable scrimmage and snap movement variations. Both create subtle but important differences in offensive and defensive plays, which means a deeper understanding of tactics, especially for a player transitioning from American to Canadian football.

Likewise, the fair catch rule is a feature of American football, which isn’t present in the Canadian game. In the NFL, punt returners are able to catch the ball unopposed, whereas no such rule exists in the CFL. Instead, opposing players have to stay five yards away, until the ball is caught by the catcher. Such fair play rules are an element of many other sports, such as rugby or soccer, which also form the foundations of many online casino games.

Fairness is actually one of the key aspects praised in a recent review of Jackpot City Casino, which is one of the most popular online gambling venues amongst Canadian players. Along with boasting the biggest bonus offers of any online casino in Canada, the payout ratio of 97% for games is amongst the highest in the gaming industry. Furthermore, fairness is monitored and maintained by internationally recognized governing bodies.

Turning attention back to the latest batch of 2021 CFL Global Draft player arrivals, by focusing on attracting international talent, the league itself is laying down stronger foundations for greater exposure. While the NFL is the more famous North American gridiron competition, the CFL is often seen by fans as the more competitive, given the established variances in rules and gameplay.

By signing up exceptionally talented individuals from overseas, the CFL is hitting the jackpot in terms of exporting its name elsewhere around the world. That attracts greater interest and promotes further knowledge of the game in Canada, which can only be positive for the growth of the CFL. Indeed, players from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, are now seeking moves to the CFL, rather than the NFL or other international American football competitions.

Despite being considered as an alternative pathway to the NFL in the past, many international players are now looking to forge lasting careers in the CFL instead. At the 2021 CFL Global Draft, 36 players represented 18 different nations, indicating a much greater awareness of Canadian gridiron. That can only benefit the game in years to come, as this distinct brand of football gains the recognition it thoroughly deserves.

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