Champions of Latin America in 2023 and how they won

With the start of the American football season in Central and South America coming up in a couple of months, let’s take a look back at the champions of 2023 in 15 of the 18 countries that have at least one league.

We have listed a total of 17 league champions, and we are aware there are a couple missing for a variety of reasons. However, the winners presented below are further proof that the game continues to grow.


In Argentina, American football is organized into five leagues located in different regions, with the most prominent and developed ones in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Rosario. In the 2023 season, the Dragones team emerged as the champions of the Liga Córdoba Football Americano, securing the prestigious Copa Scott Jackson by defeating the Cóndores team 25-0 in the sixth Docta Bowl.

In Buenos Aires, Jabalíes achieved their fifth consecutive and sixth overall title by triumphing 7-0 over Tiburones in an exciting final.

The Espartanos became undefeated champions of the Tazón de la Bandera XI, with a hard-fought 13-0 victory over Hienas.

A unique aspect in Argentina is the series of bowls at the end of each season, where stars from Rosario, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba  this year, they also included the province of Entre Rios join forces. This year, Buenos Aires dominated by easily defeating Córdoba 55-3, Rosario 55-0, and Buenos Aires 41-8 Entre Rios All Star claiming the title of the bowl series.


In Brazil, which has two separate leagues, Belo Horizonte Galo reigned supreme in both the BFA and the CBFA.

They defeated Almirantes 21-14 to capture the Brasil Bowl and then defeated the Rio Preto Weilers 37-0 to win the CBFA title.


Chile witnessed the dominance of the Felinos from La Florida, who were crowned National Trichampions by defeating the Patriotas Padahuel 28-14 in their first final appearance.


Colombia experienced one of the best football seasons, with fewer teams but higher game quality. The final saw Lobos de Bello facing off against Pumas D.C., with Lobos emerging victorious 26-8 over their arch rivals

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, another consistent performer, Toros, secured their sixth title by defeating Leones 36-23 in a highly competitive final.

Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico.

Both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico vowed to make a comeback, but the shortage of players hindered their ability to form more than three teams per country. The outcome of 2023 was marked by a few exhibition games, with a notable tournament organized in the Dominican Republic. In this event, teams faced off against El Salvador, and a selection of players aged 50 and above from Mexico added a unique dimension to the competition.


Ecuador decided not to have a national league this year due to the associated travel costs. Two leagues were organized: the first was in Quito, the capital, featuring teams from the northern part of the country. In a tightly contested match, the finalists BigDowgs and Berserkers ended the first half 0-0. BigDowgs took a 3-0 lead with a field goal in the third quarter, but late in the game, the Berserkers staged a comeback scoring a touchdown with little time left to win the title 7-3.

In the other league, named the AFL, Team Cuenca defeated the Apaches from the University of Cuenca. Although they struggled in the first three quarters, holding on to a 6-0 lead, they exploded for 20 points in the final period to win going away 26-8.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, overtime was needed to determine the champion, and the Barbarians won the Tazón de la Bandera with a 7-0 victory over the Bravos.


In Guatemala, a new team, the Buhos surprised in 2023 in the Liga Guatemalteca by defeating the 2022 finalists, the Toros, by a score of 16-14.


The Raptors in Honduras managed to defeat the reigning champions, the Jaguares, with a narrow 8-0 victory.


In Mexico, in collegiate football, the return of the Tec de Monterrey teams led to the formation of a conference of 14 teams called 14 Grandes. The season was entertaining, but ultimately, the team with more resources, Borregos del ITESM Monterrey, secured the ONEFA bicampeonato by defeating Tigres UANL 31-27 in a final with twists and turns.

In professional football in Mexico, the LFA’s Los Caudillos de Chihuahua went undefeated in their first season in the LFA and then defeated the Dinos de Saltillo 10-0 to capture the 2023 championship.


Nicaragua was divided into two national organizations: the Federación Nacional (FeNiFA) and the Organización Nacional (ONFA). In 2023, ONFA faced team withdrawals, with some moving to FeNiFa, which focused more on establishing international relations. Consequently, neither organization had a season.


In Panama, the Frailes claimed their third consecutive championship, narrowly defeating the Raptors 13-10.

Paraguay: Challenges and Season Cancellation.

Paraguay began its season again with five teams, all vying for the Terere Bowl: Titanes, Halcones, Regimiento 13, Black Dragons, and Teju Jagua. Unfortunately, only the first round was played due to field problems. Despite efforts to find alternative venues, no success was achieved. Faced with a lack of playing options, the decision was sadly made to cancel the season.


The Peruvian League had an intense final between Black Lions and Vikingos, with the Black Lions securing the championship in a narrow 14-13 victory for a second time in a row.


In Uruguay, where two seasons are played each year, the Troyanos became overall champions by defeating Barbarians 14-13. With this, the Troyanos celebrated their first absolute championship in a historic final.

International Tri-nation Tournament

In the international realm, for the first time in history, a tournament was organized between teams from South America in Brasilia, Brazil. The participating nations were Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. In the first game, Colombia surprised by defeating Chile 29-0. In the second game against Brazil, the story was different, and they fell 56-0. To conclude the triangular, Brazil took on Chile and came away with a 55-0 victory and were crowned overall champions.