Brazil: Charles Bender Jr. – Young approach to new-formed Brumadinho Templars

Charles Bender Jr. is preparing for his first season as a head coach of a first-year team in Brazil, and at 22 years of age, may well be the youngest head coach in the country.

He signed as the head coach of the Brumadinho Templars, a brand new team with lofty goals. They intend to play in Brazil’s National Liga in 2018, one of the top leagues in that country.

For now though, Bender is preparing his team for a series of exhibition games throughout the rest of 2017, to get them prepared for the season to come.

We asked Charles about his journey and signing on as a young coach with a brand new team in Brazil.

American Football International: How did you end up signing as HC of the Templars?

Charles Bender: I ended up signing as head coach of Brumadinho Templars from a referral of a great friend/owner of Rio Preto Weilers Matheus Camargo, my first team I coached/played for in Brazil and the Templars offered a contract I could not pass up.

AFI: Is this your first head coaching job?

Bender: Yes , before I joined the Templars I was coaching and playing with Rio Preto Weilers Matheus Camargo.  I discovered in my time with the Weilers a great deal. I came in not knowing much about American football internationally. First I thought would just be going to play and be a standout athlete for my team ! Then realized there is a bigger picture than just playing ball overseas. You are there to bring growth to the sport and players of your team! A lot of guys have never even played American football before so you are there teaching the basics of stance, technique, how to catch a ball, how to hold a football, how too tackle etc .

AFI: Where have you played previously?

CB: I’ve played for Del Valle high school Cardinals, Del Valle,TX 2009-2013 , Minneosta State & Technical College Fergus falls, MN 2013-2014 , Idaho Phoenix Idaho Falls,ID 2014-2015 , University of Ottawa Ottawa,ON 2015-2016 , Rio Preto Weilers Rio Preto,BR 2016.

AFI: Tell us a little of your football background.

CB: Football is an lifestyle for me. Without it my life would probably be a lot different if I had stayed on the road I was headed down when I was younger . Growing up without a mother brought a lot of anger in me and football was an outlet for me too let it out ! In 2012 I was blessed with two great coaches, John Towels III and Terrance Hollingsworth, that changed my life for the better. Ever since I have not stopped working towards bettering my future. I still remember before every game Coach Towels would put on Meek Mill’s Used to Be and give the best speech and motivation to the team and unleashed them dawgs. I learned a lot of my coaching from him! I’m also into flag football and own/play for my state team Austin. We are ranked #4 in the state of Texas right now !

AFI: What do you think you bring to the team?

CB: I bring a good amount of knowledge of the game and the will to keep learning. Never enough knowledge! We will be a hard hitting, up tempo team !  This is why I was quick too get two imports signed that will bring a lot to the team! A very fast with big arm QB Tayylor LaBrie out of Port Arthur ,TX who will lead the offense ! And Rashad Chambers out of Santa Ana, California strong hard hitting safety and big possession wide receiver who actually was with Weilers for a bit. They will both help with their knowledge of American football international and help me build theses guys quickly

AFI: What are your goals for this season?

CB: The goals for 2017 is to build these guys from the ground up and make them a championship contender team in no time! I’m locked in with Templars until December 2018 in which 2018 is when we will take the field in full force ! Coming in with the team being a first year team we will focus on fundamentals and techniques and learning the game throughout 2017 with about 4-5 friendly matches against teams in Brazil!

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