China Opens First American Football Stadium

One of the only stadiums in the world outside of North America dedicated to American football has just opened up in China.

Located in the city of Foshan outside of Guangzhou in China, (two hours from Hong Kong) the stadium – the Foshan Skyway Centre – will be used as a base for American football training and promotion under the auspices of Skyway, a football-focused training and education company.

“Skyway will continue the innovative model and provide professional services for juniors who love (American) football across China from its base at Foshan Skyway Centre,” said Zhang Nan, vice president at Skyway.

“(We hope) it can help more Chinese juniors improve both physically and mentally, and also contribute to China’s talent pool in (American) football.”

Although American football is in its infancy in China, it is already the home of the American Football League of China, with 12 teams and the CityBowl League as well as a university league. The China American Football League (Arena Football) is set to start later in 2016 as well. The CAFL were behind the recent Chinese university tournament. 

“American football has already become a popular game abroad, and the NFL Super Bowl is even called the Spring Festival Gala in the US. Taking training in American football will give shy Chinese youngsters an opportunity to release themselves,” Zhang Nan continued.

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