China’s President Xi Jinping Visits With US High School Football Team

China’s President Xi Jinping is on a state visit to the United States and his first stop was Seattle, Washington and one of the first points of interest was Lincoln High School in Tacoma, outside of Seattle.

Although China’s top official spent time on his first day at the Boeing aircraft plant in Seattle, visited with notable executives such as Bill Gates, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg among many others, he took time to visit with the Lincoln High football team, who presented him with an honorary jersey.

He then invited 100 Lincoln students to visit China next year. Xi also brought both books and ping-pong balls and tables as gifts.

Mr Xi will spend three days meeting business and technology leaders in Seattle, before heading to Washington for talks with President Barack Obama.




Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.