Chinese National Football League kicking into high gear

The former American Football League of China (AFLC) , now the Chinese National Football League, CNFL is fully underway.

The 21 team CNFL has four divisions – the North, East, West and South – with the West division in action this past weekend in their first round of play.

Chengdu Pandaman 32 – Mountain City Fury 0

Our first result from last weekend comes from Sichuan, where the Chengdu Pandaman started their season off strong with a solid 32-0 home victory over the Mountain City Fury in Chengdu.

The Pandaman (1-0) offense looked strong early on with multiple scores coming through the air and on the ground, and their improved defense held firm as the undermanned Furies buckled under the sweltering Sichuan sun.

However, due to the West division’s unique set up, the Pandaman-Fury are in a home-and-away series, and game 2 of this round robin will take place in Chongqing on September 7. The Fury (0-1) will have their chance to play at home with their full team, and return the favor to Chengdu.

Wuhan Berserkers 52 – Zhengzhou Steamer 0

The other result from last weekend comes from Hubei Province where the Wuhan Berserkers came out strong by pummeling the Zhengzhou Steamer with a resounding 52-0 victory to open their season.

The Berserkers (1-0) looked as swift as the coursing Yangtze River that flows through Wuhan and it’s quickly looking like their October home game against the Chengdu Pandaman is going to determine the winner of the West Division.

For the Steamers (0-1), while it may have been a tough road loss, they will have a chance to even the round robin at one apiece when they play the Berserkers in a rematch on September 7th in Zhengzhou, where they can expect to be at full strength.


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