Christian Covington and his performance in the Chargers

Earlier this year, Chargers DT Christian Covington agreed to renew his contract with the Los Angeles Chargers. Owned by Dean Spanos, the Los Angeles Chargers are a professional American football team based in Los Angeles. The Chargers compete in the National Football League or NFL every year as one of the member clubs of the league’s American Football Conference West division.

28-year-old Christian Covington plays for the Los Angeles Chargers as a defensive tackle. This year, Covington will be going on to his seventh season in the National Football League (NFL). In 2020, he played 14 games at defensive tackle for Mike Brown’s Cincinnati Bengals and even recorded a career-high 29 tackles in total.

In 2015, Covington was drafted in the sixth round by Houston, where he spent four seasons playing for them. He was also with Dallas in 2019 for a brief period.

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Chargers DT Christian Covington Game Stats

Canadian footballer Christian Covington was first drafted by the Houston Texans in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL draft. Prior to that, he played football at the college level at Rice. Covington has had 8.5 sacks, 15 tackles for loss, 22 quarterback hits, and a forced fumble in his professional football career.

In May 2021, the Los Angeles Chargers signed a one-year contract with defensive tackle Christian Covington ahead of the 2022 draft. Even though Christian Covington hasn’t had an extraordinary football career yet, it is speculated that the Chargers will be a good fit for him.

Head Coach Brandon Staley is also the first head coach in the Los Angeles Chargers’ history with a defensive background. Thus, fans and football experts believe that Brandon Staley will be able to provide the kind of mentorship and practice Christian Covington needs to succeed.

You may be wondering what exactly Christian Covington brings to the table, apart from his athletic physique. He is a long-armed interior defender and possesses great energy and incredible lateral quickness. On many occasions, Covington has been seen bursting to jump off the snap.

When playing double-teamed, he utilizes his height to his advantage and the leverage and strength to dominate his opponents on the field. Given his age and form, he is one of the most versatile players in the current NFL league. He is perfectly capable of playing both inside and outside for tackles, which the Los Angeles Chargers need this season.

5 Things You Should Know About Christian Covington

If the Los Angeles Chargers is your loyal NFL team, you are in for a treat this season! To become familiar with the Canadian defensive tackle, here are a few things you should know about him!

  1. Covington prepared for his professional football career while at Rice.

The Canadian native played American football at the college level at Rice University in Houston, Texas. After completing his sophomore year, he had an impressive exposure at Rice University and was also recommended to the All-Conference USA team. During his time at Rice, he posted 78 tackles, two forced fumbles, and 11.5 sacks in total in three seasons. Subsequently, Christian Covington was drafted by the Houston Texans in the sixth round of the reported 2015 NFL draft.

  1. Covington gets his passion for the game from his father.

If you are not aware, Christian Covington’s father was a stud in the Canadian Football League or CFL. Grover Covington is a former Canadian League defensive end. He was a star defensive end for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at the Canadian Football League. His time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats lasted for a decade from 1981 to 1991, and during his time, he was known as the league’s all-time sack leader. In 2000, his efforts were lauded, and he was inducted into the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame.

  1. Covington’s professional experience comes from bouncing around the league.

Even though Covington spent some of his best years with the Houston Texans, he has not exactly been a mainstay. In the past two years, he has played for the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Denver Broncos (practice squad) for a brief period.

  1. Covington is one of the few players who played out their rookie contract.

If you have been following the NFL games for quite some time now, you know that it is quite unusual when a sixth-round pick stays on the same drafted team throughout their entire rookie contract. Well, Christian Covington is one of the few. During his four-year rookie contract with the Houston Texans, he appeared in more than 50 games, had 7.5 sacks, 65 tackles, and a forced fumble. His best season has been reported as the one in 2018, where he posted eight quarterback hits, along with 3.5 sacks in 12 starts.

  1. Christian Covington is in for a big year.

Even though Christian Covington’s best years were spent with the Houston Texans from 2015, there is enough speculation that he could be lucky for the Los Angeles Chargers. Covington could be seen making an impact for the Los Angeles Chargers, especially their standard defensive system that features a three-man and hybrid fronts. Although this is just as a rotational role, Covington could up his game with the help of head coach Brandon Staley and the general manager Tom Telesco.


Before we see Covington on the field for the Chargers, there are two more games lined up in the upcoming month. On November 8, the Los Angeles Chargers will play against the Philadelphia Eagles, and on November 15, they are lined up against the Minnesota Vikings.

From what we have heard so far, we can already guess that it will be a good year for both the Los Angeles Chargers and Christian Covington! We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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