Clash of the Pharaohs: New IFAF Applicant Egypt Hosts Inaugural ELAF Game

‘New IFAF Membership Applicant Egypt Hosts Inaugural ELAF Game’

The IFAF (International Federation of American Football) has announced that the Egyptian League of American Football (ELAF) has officially submitted their membership application.

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The Pharaohs Bowl event is the first American Football game in Egypt with full protection and was a cross-town battle between the GUC Eagles and Cairo Sharks. This game is considered the official beginning of American Football in Egypt under the supervision of the Egyptian League of American Football (ELAF).

A thrilling game was held in Cairo at the German University Field on May 8, 2014. In attendance of the game was Mr. Mishaal T. Fahad Al-Sabah, the Vice Chair of IFAF Asia and Kuwait Gridiron’s Director of International Affairs President.

The traveling Sharks won the game over the home GUC Eagles 16-12.

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Egyptian League of American Football, currently of comprised 4 teams. Founded in 2013, the league is divided into the preseason games starting October till January and the season officially kicking-off in February.

The ELAF consists of 4 clubs :

Hawks :-

The Egyptian League of American Football offers 11-man, full-contact football in Egypt. The league offers a number of training sessions, open try-outs, and skills camps

Follow the organization and teams HERE:

German University of Cairo (GUC) Eagles
Facebook: GUC Eagles
Twitter: @guceagles

Cairo Sharks
Facebook: Cairo Shark AFT
Twitter: @CairoSharks

Egyptian League of American Football
Facebook: ELAF
Twitter: @ELAFL2013

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