College football Hall of Fame destroyed

By Anderson Pickard, Prime Time Sports Talk.

As protests rage on across the United States following the murder of George Floyd, several buildings and monuments have been destroyed.

One major protest found its way to the Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo: Geller Report

According to footage from various reporters and protesters at the scene, the Hall of Fame was broken into and destroyed. Based on the video below, it appears that hard objects were thrown through the glass windows and various items inside the museum were quickly destroyed.

Beyond the broken glass, sirens were blaring and the remains of display cases were seen shattered across the floor. It appears that protesters destroyed various items in the museum, as well as the shelves and cases that displayed them. It is unclear at this time which objects and area of the museum were damaged.

At this time, it is not believed that the Hall of Fame was targeted for political reasons or connections to Floyd’s murder. Rather, the museum was presumably destroyed due to its large presence, the valuable items that were easy to destroy, and the amount of attention that such a display of outrage would cause.

Photo: Larry Brown Sports

Protests have struck nearly all major communities in the United States, but the cities hit with the most severe protests include Atlanta, New York City, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and St. Paul.

A side entrance at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta was severely damaged after protesters directed explosives at a phalanx of police officers.

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