Common Cents! UFL Born Out Of Financial Reckoning For Both USFL, XFL

By Mike Mitchell

Like everything else, the merger between the USFL and XFL to create the United Football League was about money … or lack thereof.

Following the theme of Phase 1 for the UFL dispersal draft, where 16 rosters from 2023 have been consolidated to only eight, everything for FOX and RedBird Capital has been condensed for 2024.

Condensed is the keyword for the new United Football League operation.

FOX has cut spending on spring pro football by reducing its number of USFL teams in half. RedBird Capital has done the same on their side with the XFL.

Every team in the UFL will be playing games in their home markets with the hope on the USFL side that ticket sales will mirror or improve upon that of XFL teams in 2023.

However, to keep expenses down, they’ll keep the cost-effective centralized hub format with teams training in tax-friendly Texas and traveling to their home market for games.

Although it hasn’t been revealed publicly how expenses and revenue will be split between the two sides, it’s evident that both leadership groups have united to lessen the financial burden of one another as partners. This is a 50/50 joint venture.

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