Costa Rica: Inaugural Women’s Championship Calendar Gets Underway

The recently established Asociacion Deportiva de Mujeres de Football Americano (ADMFA) in Costa Rica has announced the dates for the long-awaited women’s championship calendar commencing Sunday, October 7th at 9:00 AM (CST), Estadio José Joaquín “Colleya” Fonseca in the capital city of San José.

Girls All In!

The women’s league currently consists of 4 member teams although 3 will play in this calendar. The newest team to the sport, the Bulldogs FLAMES F.A. led by Head Coach Charlie Avila began recruiting players earlier this year along with picking up a few seasoned players. The Flames will play in the inaugural game against the longest established team in San José, the GODDESSES CR F.A. led by Head Coach Danny Monney.

Both teams holding weekly practices in La Sabana Park near the National Stadium has certainly created a competitive rivalry that we expect to see in full force when they face-off on game day.

Head Coach Charlie Avila of Flames

“Bulldogs Flames started on June 17th 2018, we are the newest team but the heart and passion of our ladies is like if they were born and raised with football. We can assure you that we will put on a great show! There’s no fear on this team and without a doubt we will battle anyone on the field. Although these ladies are barely starting their run in this sport they have lots of discipline and are hungry for more. Stay tuned, support women playing football.”

The other teams currently in the women’s league are the VALKIRIAS F.C. led by Head Coach Martin (Pana) Gutierrez that represent the Canton of Pérez Zeledon and the Codea FALCANS F.A. led by Head Coach Lenny Vega for the Province of Alajuela. Although the latter team is not participating in this calendar.

The Falcans will be ‘supporting’ the game from the annual Walk and Run for Cancer Awareness of the ROSS Foundation in another district of the city on game day morning.

Falcans wished luck to the Flames and Goddesses teams.

We’ll see each other on Sunday either supporting American football or fighting cancer!

Information for live streaming of the game can be found at Yarda 506 TV on Sunday morning before 9:00 AM (CST) kickoff.

The Valkirias will have their debut game when they host the Goddesses in Pérez Zeledón the following week on Saturday, October 13th.

Playoffs will be on Saturday, December 8th and the Championship on Sunday, December 16th. All calendar games will start at 9:00 AM.



Showcasing the rosters of the Flames and Goddesses in recognition of this historic game day for the women of American football in Costa Rica.

ADMFA 2018 National Championship Calendar

For weekly women’s league updates in Spanish visit the Facebook profiles of ADMFA or the aforementioned teams. For updates in English visit

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