Costa Rica: Stacy Quirós – First female football coach in country

Costa Rica’s Alajuela Pumas F.A. has joined a burgeoning worldwide trend in adding a female, Stacy Quirós, to their coaching staff.

The allure of this beautiful and strategic sport has been captivating the interest of more and more women throughout the world in recent years to suit up as players. For women already playing this sport, they have defied preconceived social norms and have broken down gender imbalance and barriers.

For some female players, like Quirós who have excelled at the sport and want to share their knowledge with others, just as their male coaches selflessly have done for them, the pathway is open for women in this Central American country to pursue coaching.

Alajuela Pumas F.A. formed in February of 2018 as a developmental team, while preparing to be established for the 2021 calendar season. The team will play 2020 jointly with the Southern Knights F.A. from Perez Zeledon as they did for the 2019 calendar season.

Alajuela Pumas F.A. administration welcomes new coach (August 17th)

“We want to congratulate and give a warm welcome to the former Bulldogs Flames F.A. running back Stacy Quirós, who has been one of the pioneer players in the contact women’s American football league in Costa Rica and now takes a giant step to double her achievements in the men’s American football league. Quirós breaks down barriers again becoming the first woman to play the role of offensive assistant coach in the men’s American football league.

“Our organization Alajuela Pumas F.A. is proud of this enormous acquisition and we know that Quirós’ humility, work ethic and focus will bring great achievements to our team and league. Welcome coach Stacy Quirós!”

The 32 year old Quirós reflects on her football start

“In July of 2018 the Bulldogs Flames F.A. team was created. I was part of the team and also played in the inaugural contact female football league in Costa Rica, which I am proud to mention, I scored the first league touchdown with a 52 yard carry.

“The opportunity with Alajuela Pumas F.A. came when I had the pleasure to meet their head coach, Roberto Moreno. I had a few conversations whereby he opened the doors for me to consider such a challenge and journey. He mentioned that my work ethic, personality and drive would be great in this league.”

Quirós feels she can help the Alajuela Pumas F.A.

“I can help Pumas with my running skills, those being speed and agility development, which are my strength as a running back. Additionally, my drive, focus, work ethic and plan development are something I take pride in.

“Future goals in football: I think the future is huge with this leap I took and would love to be able to empower, motivate and create positive change for athletes on and off the field. Also to be able to have growth in this league, both female and male, and create unity in both to break this barrier of sexism that now exist not only in football but other sports.”

Head Coach, Roberto Moreno of Alajuela Pumas F.A.

“I saw Quirós’ film and she had good technique so I brought her on the team to assist me with the offense and offensive position. She is still an assistant and the arrangement has been working great. The reason I hired Quirós is because everyone deserves a chance. No one should be denied an opportunity if they love the game.”

(Far Left) Head Coach, Roberto Moreno of Alajuela Pumas F.A.

Currently, the Alajuela Pumas F.A. roster comprises approximately 25 Costa Rican players with an age range between 20-30 years.

Alajuela Pumas F.A. Coaching Staff

Roberto Moreno – Head Coach

Kevin Nasser – Defensive Coordinator

Warner Johnson – OL Coach

Tyrone Trier – DB Coach

Stacy Quirós – RB Coach/Assistant Coordinator

Bulldogs Flames F.A. team currently has a few players in training to also take on coaching roles. The future is looking bright for women in Costa Rica to coach.

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