Countdown To Japan X Bowl 30 – Watch Interviews & Preview

Japan’s X Bowl kicks off Monday, December 12 at 7 PM at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. The Fujitsu Frontiers and Obic Seagulls will battle for the championship title.

The two teams have met three times before in the the X League championship game with the Seagulls winning all three games: 2002 (14-7), 2011 (24-17) and 2013 (24-16).

Ken Marantz of Inside Sport Japan sat down with defensive end BJ Beatty and quarterback Jerry Neuheisel of the Obic Seagulls and defensive end Al Rilwan Adeyemi of the Fujitsu Frontiers to give their views of the league in general this year which has seen a number of exciting battles and the game itself.

John Gunning is a Tokyo based sports writer. He is a sumo commentator for NHK and covers MMA and American football for national and international publications.