Countries with the Biggest NFL Fan Bases

The NFL, which boasts a huge fan following in the United States, has grown its international fan base rapidly in recent years. In fact, after the United States, the NFL’s largest fan base is in a country whose relationship with the United States has deteriorated in the last couple of years.

Although President Donald Trump may still be planning to build a border wall, between Mexico and the US, the Mexicans’ love for American football continues to rise. In addition to two college leagues and a professional league, over 23 million people consider themselves as NFL fans.

Data compiled by Statista shows that Mexico’s 23.3 million is second only to the US with its 115 million fans. The number of NFL fans in Mexico, though, accounted for only roughly 20 percent of its fan base in the United States.

Football is clearly growing in Brazil as well. Their domestic league now has 32 teams and some games attract upwards of 20,000 fans. Brazilians also love NFL football it seems and the country comes a close third, with 19.7 million fans. Canada, South Korea, Germany and the U.K. claim 7.21 million, 6.72 million, 6.6 million and 5.73 million fans, respectively.

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