Daily Fantasy Vs Old-School Fantasy Football: How Does Daily Fantasy Differ from Old-School Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football has become one of the hottest trends among NFL fans in the country and across the world. And why not? The idea of having to assemble a team of your own alone is thrilling. You get to select your preferred NFL picks and compete with a plethora of fantasy football fans.

Daily fantasy football has become a growing trend in today’s world, but not too long ago, old school or season-long fantasy football was the hot topic. Both forms of fantasy football are still much alive though, and have their respective fan bases.

For many old schoolers, making the switch can be quite the task. This is probably because they’ve never been exposed to the new trend or are still stuck in the euphoria of old school fantasy football.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a rookie daily fantasy football fan, and being an old schooler is surely nothing to be ashamed of, completely sidelining daily fantasy football could be one of the biggest misses for season long fantasy football fans.

Amazingly, some don’t know that both daily and season long fantasy football share some common ground, from drafting to strategy. Yes, DFF and old school fantasy are not the same. However, they are not necessarily far apart.

In this article, we’ll address differences between daily and old school fantasy football using some common ground metrics:


Although different DFS hosts run their platforms in distinct ways, you still have to set up a draft like you do in season-long fantasy. Both fantasy sites require some time and effort put into research to assemble the best team possible.

While drafting is common to both forms, the approach is quite different. With daily fantasy football, you’re less concerned about long-term draft busts or sleepers since you’re only selecting your lineup for that specific week. Simply select high value players, build the best possible team for the week, and you’re good to go! This can take you within a few minutes to a couple hours, depending on how well you know your onions.

Season-long fantasy football, on the other hand, will require some more critical research, and you may have to spend weeks or even months trying to assemble a high value team.


Value holds a huge weight in fantasy football, whether it’s the price tag on a player or selecting a sneaky underdog that goes on to perform beyond expectation. Both daily and season-long fantasy football allows you to manipulate your picks based on how you and the general fantasy market rate certain players.

Again, daily fantasy football fans don’t need to worry about player performance in the long run, unlike old schoolers.


Strategy is well alive and active, regardless of the form of fantasy football you’re engaged in. You’ve got to spend some time researching how you’ll combat other fantasy football owners. For daily fantasy football, strategy may include assembling a good enough roster, betting on low prospects, or altering your selections in response to how a player is performing ahead of matchday.


The thrill of fantasy football comes from competing with other fans like you, and both daily and old school fantasy football affords you this opportunity. As for the more competitive of the two, many will agree that daily fantasy takes the crown. You’ll be locked in with others week in, week out, as opposed to season-long fantasy where outcomes are determined at the end of the season.


Of course! This is possibly the most exciting aspect of fantasy football. Not only are you guaranteed bragging rights among your peers, but you also stand the chance to win amazing prize money.

Daily fantasy football offers more rewards due to huge GPPs. More interesting that you stand a chance to walk into the bank every week. As for old school fantasy football, you have to wait till the end of the season to find out if you’re eligible for a reward.

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