Danish champion Triangle Razorbacks re-sign QB Reed Gottula

The reigning Danish champions, the Triangle Razorbacks, have re-signed the quarterback who led them to their eighth Danish title in 2019, Reed Gottula.

This will be Gottula’s fourth season with the Razorbacks.

The 37-year-old Gottula (6’1″, 215 lb), a true veteran of play in Europe, graduated from Fort Hays (NCAA Div II) before quarterbacking the Bern Grizzlies to the Swiss championship in 2007. Since then he has played for the Hamburg Eagles in Germany, won the Norwegian title with the Oslo Vikings (2011) and also played and served as the head coach for the AFC Show and Lura Bulls in Norway, played for Finland’s Sipoo Bulldogs and served as offensive coordinator for Albany High School in Albany, Missouri.

He has gained a reputation as a coach and a leader over the years and the Lura Bulls rated him one of the top two imports to ever play for the team.

Q: Why did you choose to re-sign with the Triangle Razorbacks?

Gottula: I really enjoyed working with my teammates and the coaches here, that is a big reason to stay. The fans and the community are supportive which makes Vejle a great place to be. Add to that the fact that I really want to continue to build on the proud tradition the club has, I believe we have much more to accomplish as a team and club.

Q: You are the reigning Mermaid Bowl MVP. How was it to win the Mermaid Bowl and be named the MVP?

Gottula: The Mermaid Bowl was unforgettable. As a team we really came together and worked as one; that aspect of football is really where the enjoyment is achieved. Obviously I am proud of the MVP award but the effort not just during the game but the time spent preparing by everyone on the team is what I am most proud of.

Q: How would you describe the 2019 season?

Gottula: I think there were ups and downs during the season, we had to overcome a few things, but I have never played or coached a season where things came easy. I am happy about the way we took on the challenges of the season.

Q: What do you expect from your upcoming season with the Razorbacks?

Gottula: I expect to pick up where we left off and just take the approach to get better with the opportunities we get. One day at a time and one game at a time. We expect to have the same great effort the Razorbacks always have.

Q: What has been the most memorable experience in your football career so far?

Gottula: I have had a lot of great experiences during my career. Any time you win a championship like the Mermaid Bowl it’s very special. But the thing that is the most fun has been being part of a team, getting to play a game with your friends and the connections you make along the way.


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