Danish semifinals postponed at least one week due to upsurge in COVID-19 cases

The coronavirus pandemic has brought Denmark’s move towards normalcy to a sudden halt as late Friday, September 18, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen reinstituted assembly restrictions, lowering the number of people allowed to gather from 100 to 50.

As a result, the two Danish semifinal football games between the Søllerød Gold Diggers and Aab 89ers, and between the Copenhagen Towers and Triangle Razorbacks, both originally scheduled for Saturday, September 19, have been postponed until September 26. For now.

“We apologize for the somewhat late announcement, but after today’s tighter restrictions that came without notice, there have been many issues that have needed to be discussed.”

The rules had been tightened for the Greater Copenhagen area two weeks ago, thus moving the Towers-Razorbacks game from Copenhagen to Vejle, Denmark.

Now the teams will have to wait another week, at least.

The new restrictions will apply until October 4 but the Danish American Football Federation, DAFF, is lobbying for a temporary lifting of the ban for next weekend.

“DAFF is in dialogue with the Sports Confederation of Denmark to find a solution so that the last National League games, both the semifinals and the Mermaid Bowl, can be played, but today’s stricter restrictions came without notice, it has therefore not been possible to find a solution before this weekend.”



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