Danny Higgins, QB of the Copenhagen Towers, talks Mermaid Bowl XXXI

Danny Higgins and his Copenhagen Towers have returned to Denmark’s championship final for the second year in a row where they will against take on the Triangle Razorbacks.

This is a classic matchup between two teams that have dominated the landscape of Danish football for the past decade. In addition to being the second straight year these two teams square off in the title game, it is the fourth time since 2013. Last year, the Towers prevailed in an edge-of-your-seat  thriller. beating Triangle 23-22.

In fact, the rivalry between the two clubs stretches back many years. The Razorbacks have won seven Danish titles while Copenhagen has a record eight after breaking the deadlock in last year’s final.

The scenario is much the same this year with Copenhagen having dominated the Danish National League winning all 10 regular season games plus the semifinal relatively easily. Like last year, the Razorbacks enter the game as the underdogs, with a 6-4 regular season record and an upset win in the semifinals over the Sollerod Gold Diggers.

Copenhagen won both games between the two during the regular season, 56-36 and 28-14.

AFI: Congratulations on taking the Towers to their fourth straight Mermaid Bowl. That must be a special feeling in your first year.

Higgins: It feels amazing honestly, thank you. This was one of our goals as a team and organization to make it back to the Mermaid Bowl. I just cannot wait for Saturday to take the field with my teammates and do everything I can to help us come out with a victory

AFI: You have had an undefeated season. Has it been what you anticipated both on and off the field?

Higgins: Yes so far we have had a great year and hope to finish on top this weekend. Football has been amazing, being able to play the sport I love again at a high level. I cannot thank all my teammates, coaches and Towers organization for giving me this opportunity and making me feel like I am right at home. Living in Denmark has been some of the best months of my life. The city of Copenhagen and the country itself has been an unreal experience. Something I will remember for the rest of my life.

AFI: What are your strengths as a team?

Higgins: I believe the strengths of our team is our chemistry. We all mesh really well together on and off the field. We feed off of one another and pick each other up if anyone makes any mistakes. It is a brotherhood.

AFI: What are your strengths as a player?

Higgins: I feel my strengths as a player is my leadership abilities. I try to do my best job in putting my guys in situations to succeed and win. To get my playmakers the ball and to intrust in my offensive line to do what they do best. I believe in all my guys and I am ready to go to battle with them again this Saturday with the same mindset as always.

AFI: You have played the Razorbacks twice during the regular season and won both times, but the second game was closer. Do you do anything different to prepare for them this time?

Higgins: Yes we have played the Razorbacks twice and both games were very good. They are a very good team and we do not take any team lightly. I expect another very good game against a good opponent. We have prepared very well for this matchup and I believe in our coaches and my teammates that we can execute the game plan we have installed. It is going to be a very good game, I would definitely tune in.

AFI: Who do you look out for on defense?

Higgins: Their defense is very well rounded as a whole. They have a few very good import players, as well as their danish players. We just need to go out and execute what we have been practicing and play our game.

AFI: You have had a change at running back with the injury to Ashton Heard later in the season. But Anton Witmeur seems to have filled his shoes well. Has the change affected the offense much?

Higgins: Losing Ashton was tough and I feel terrible about what had happened to him right before our summer break. Anton has stepped up as the lead running back and has played tremendously. He is a great runner with amazing vision and speed. With Anton and our other running backs, we are still executing our offensive and playing at a high level.

AFI: What has been the most memorable experience you have had in your first year in Denmark?

Higgins: To name one memorable experience I have had while living here in Denmark is tough. If I had to name a few it would be the overall atmosphere, the friends and lifetime experience of living in a European Country. Being able to say I lived in Denmark to play and coach the game of football is something most people cannot say, I can. Taking all the life lessons, the memories and relationships I have made while being here is going to be with me the rest of my life. This was possibly a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful I was able to do it.

Mermaid Bowl XXXI is set for 4 pm, Saturday, October 5. You can watch the game live here on AFI. Check out our Livestreams game day.


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