David McCants returns to New Yorker Lions for 5th straight season

American running back David McCants returns as offensive leader in Braunschweig

With almost 5,500 yards gained and 78 touchdowns scored in the past four years, the 29-year-old McCants was a large part of the success of the the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions 2016 title run.

In 2016, the 5’8″ 192 lb McCants gained 927 yards on 128 carries runs in 2016, again one of the top performers for Lions last year. Only a muscle injury in late August in an away match in Dresden prevented him from breaking the 1,000 yard limit. McCants also accounted for nearly 500 yards in receiving and returns and a total of 20 touchdowns.

McCants made the rounds in Germany before first signing with the Lions in 2013.

25.04.2015, New Yorker Lions @ Berlin Rebels, #21 David McCants, Touchdown, (c) Karsten Reißner

After his college days at the University of North Alabama, the Berlin Adler first brought McCants to the German Football League (GFL) in 2009, where he won his first German Bowl.

In 2010 he transfered to the Berlin Rebels and then in 2011 to the Hamburg Blue Devils in the GFL 2 where he was instrumental in the resurgence of the Blue Devils in the GFL. McCants wore the jersey of the Dusseldorf Panther in 2012.

In 2013, Head Coach Troy Tomlin signed the now veteran McCants to the New Yorker Lions, where he is now entering its fifth season in Braunschwieg.

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